Christian Club Party?

Story time!

And so it happened during the beginning of my college career that this story takes place. I was a young fresh outgoing sprout getting used to the new scene of being away from home and striking out on his own!

Many things were new to me that other youths had been accustomed to:

… a P.O. Box …

… The ending to the Hunger Games trilogy …

… The discovery of Jazz and Metal combined …

… the acceptance that Teen Titans truly was over …

Needlessto say I was behind the times. A modern Christian college had new ideas that I never considered. One of them being a party night with music, dancing, food, and glow in the dark paint.

The illustrious organization known as C.A.B. housed a famous night known as the Glow in the Dark Party. At the stroke of 8:00 the chips, soda, cheese, crackers, and candy were laid out and the party music was pumping!

There were always the classics to be played: The cupid shuffle being one of them!

I did not know the cupid shuffle…

It didn’t take me long to learn the steps though! And I learned them, I did! I felt like I could actually dance at that point! I was happy to add the cupid shuffle to my other dancing skill, The Running Man.

The greatest part of a party being in the dark was that no one could really see how bad you could dance! And I danced as hard as I wanted, and even consumed all the candy, cheese and Mountain Dew I could take!

Great clean fun was had… it was had…!

I danced so hard… my body became very tired… and I mean tired more than rocking at a Skillet concert tired.

So tired it didn’t feel like digesting all of the food I so graciously gave it!

Kind of rude if you ask me. How did it thank me? IT rejected it all back and I QUICKLY had to find another place to… deposit all the food!

I found a porcelain bowl suited for this need fortunately.

After blessing the toilet, I don’t remember if it thanked me… I remember waking up inside the stall with someone asking me if I was okay. How I responded I can’t remember either…

I DO remember telling all of compatriots the next day, and their laughter which followed. From then on they referred to my misfortune affectionately as, “Christian wasted”.

Which isn’t the worst way the night could have gone I suppose!

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