Kingdom Hearts 3- Here’s *What WE KNOW

Time to cover a video game that is near and dear to my heart!!

This is the what we know status of the up and coming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game.

WE KNOW- Worlds such as Twilight Town will make an appearance again

WE KNOW- Tangled was confirmed in the most recent game play videos of E3 2015, which means Pixar movies can appear in the universe of Kingdom Hearts.

WE KNOW- *Sephiroth will once again be an optional boss, and will take every bit of skill we have to defeat for… a prize or something.

WE KNOW- Sora can transform his keyblade and perform massive acrobatic skills like never before.

WE KNOW- A new summon/power/ability will be to bring forth Disney theme-park rides to run around large enemies (like the Rock Titan) and large GROUPS of enemies. We may even use them on small groups of enemies too! Because we as fans screamed, ‘I WANT TO KILL HEARTLESS WITH A FERRIS WHEEL!’

WE KNOW- *The Ferris Wheel probably won’t be that cool…

WE KNOW- *The spell ‘Fire’ once again will have changed to perform differently. Here’s hoping it won’t be as useless as it was in Kingdom Hearts 2.

WE KNOW- The Heartless have different forms and shapes and gimmicks.

WE KNOW- Based on the story-line thus far throughout the series, Sora needs to become a Keyblade Master, Riku is a Keyblade Master, King Mickey is still considered a King even though he spends way too much time on the run, Kairi and Lea are working on using a Keyblade, Aqua still needs directions but will find her way just in time for the games big end-game battle, Ven MIGHT be waking up just in time for that as well, and Master Eraqus (not Erauqs?) is young.

WE KNOW- *No die-hard fan wants Frozen to be in the game.

WE KNOW- *Other gimmicks not important to the plot or the overall necessity of the game will be entered (looking at YOU skateboarding mechanic!).

WE KNOW- The game will be super awesome.

WE KNOW- The game will be for PS4 and then later on for the Xbox1.

WE KNOW- Kingdom Hearts 3 will run on the Unreal Engine 4 now, which is cool. Another game run on Unreal Engine? Gears of War.

WE KNOW- You can ride a storm of Heartless at one point!

WE KNOW- Sora gets a new outfit.

WE KNOW- There is more to come in the coming days so this list is not final. There will be more updates and I can’t wait to add them to the list! That is my color commentary on what we know so far about Kingdom Hearts 3. There will be more review in the winters to come.

*These are the unofficial and biased remarks observed by the writer of this article.

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