Story Time! Customer Service Woes

Not too long ago, I worked for a cell-phone company answering phones. I did not like this job! Long hours, minimal pay, and cranky customers.

One of the greatest cranky customers that really left an impression had a problem with her taxes. To explain real quick, taxes are different in each state. This lady moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, as she let me know multiple times the day she called, only to find out her taxes on her phone bill CHANGED.

Mind you, did I specify if she was angry because they went up? No! I intentionally said CHANGED because instead of going up, they actually went down!

They became cheaper!

She was having to pay LESS taxes and yet she was ‘IRATE’ as they like to say in the Cell-Phone Customer Service Community. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

So the call began as normal, I answered with my professional, polite, and enthusiastic memorized line of, ‘Thank you for calling (name and address withheld) this is Johnathan, how may I help you?’

And immediately the first words out of her mouth were, ‘You guys need to fix my taxes or I’m suing you!’

I wish I could say I am only exaggerating the story, but no, this was real! People calling me would look for any excuse to throw around words like, ‘lawyer’, ‘sue’, ‘court’, like it as if it were going to mom and dad telling on big brother cell-phone company!

But I couldn’t outright laugh in her face, tell her she’s wrong and then tell her to call again (my dark guilty response I created) I did the right thing and assured her that I would help her and there wouldn’t be a need for legal actions…


Turns out after going over her bills she had moved over eight years ago… EIGHT YEARS AGO, and now she is finding out that her taxes are… CHANGED.

I told her the good news! ‘Ma’am no need to worry your taxes are actually lower than they were eight years ago!’


We did not owe her 1200 dollars, she WANTED 1200 dollars, in fact we didn’t owe her, she OWED US money for paying lower taxes from a different state. And after eight years she accumulated a debt of… 23.67… because her taxes only went down by .07 cents…

…Which she didn’t even have to pay…

But she was not to be told she was wrong! But I was not to be defeated! After arguing for an hour with her she gave up! I won! She let go of the conversation and gave in to my mathematical supremacy! Another unhappy customer off the phone and an hour of their time gone forever.

…I really hated that job…


She took her case to a corporate level office and told them of my conversation! And the corporate guys said, ‘JOHNATHAN WAS WRONG!’

It was a clever ruse they used to get her out of their hair so they wouldn’t have to deal with her. They claimed to look into it and call them back, and put the blame on me so she could focus her anger on me!


I had so many emotions during this! I had to do the math with her AGAIN…..!


I even asked my managers, they verified I was right! And I laughed! How dare they make me look like a fool! How dare they!

And how does this story end? Well… I got the approval to tell her, ‘Well technically ma’am you owe us money, so if you want to pay for the eight years you were paying less taxes then go right ahead!

It was so satisfying! And she never called again.
******I don’t know if I’m allowed to reveal the company I worked for, so I left it out intentionally just to be safe. Have a good day folks!

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