Bedtime Stories, Egg Hunts, and Huddle House???

So what do you get when you mix bedtime stories, Easter egg hunts, and the Huddle House together? A collection of some fun nights that can never be forgotten! This is my list of “All-Night Shenanigans”. There is no particular order, and some of you may be reading thinking, ‘Wait, I remember this!’ … and some of you may be thinking, ‘Wait when did he have time to do this?’ Regardless I make this disclaimer: I have been a man of making mistakes and a man of making smart choices.

Now let’s share some stories!

-I remember the first all night shenanigans was at a get together of five or six friends at one house. Back then they used to call them “Sleep overs”, and you could have them near the pre-teen age before they became weird until your twenties when they became “Study Sessions”. It was just a normal eleven-year-old sleep-over with video games, comic books, and sneaking around the house so the adults could stay asleep until six in the morning and watching Saturday cartoons like nothing ever happened! We were quite proud of ourselves for getting away with it…

…Until we fell asleep on the floor next to our cereal bowls…


-Another great “All Night Shenanigan” involved around seven guys and a few girls dark clothing, and V for Vendetta masks… Yeah you know where I am going with this…

…Hiding Easter Eggs! It came from the mind of a great young planner within our ranks of comrades… He actually made it an annual event that the entire campus of 1200 people came to expect. Students (and teachers!) would get up EARLY BEFORE CLASSES to find these eggs! Mainly due to a grand prize egg. The first year though the grand prize egg(s) were difficult to find… Our courageous and brilliant minded leader of hiding eggs hid it so well no one ever found it…


But it is our fault he put it in the bird’s nest…

-One particular year of college was the year I had the least amount of sleep in one span of time. Eighteen hours, one massive play production, school choir travel nearly every weekend, and a girlfriend. I pulled out the best grades that year, (TAKE THAT OPPOSITION!) but there were a lot of nights without sleep. Fortunately I had a secret weapon… weapons… arsenal of secrets…


I had a best friend, a gas station cleverly named, “Smiley Mart”, and a Huddle House open all night. With the close companion in one hand I would stay awake and focus with all of the intensity of a Super Saiyan. And in my other hand, the Huddle House would provide me nourishment, and brief respite to collect myself and keep my sanity.

And Smiley Mart had chocolate!!!!!

-Speaking of girly friends! There was one relationship that helped me develop my story telling prowess. She loved stories, and had a hard time sleeping one semester and I always wanted to get better at storytelling, so to help her sleep I would uh… tell her bedtime stories!

The stories ranged from a girl finding a magic color changing tree to an alien trying to jump from the moon to the earth. And it never failed; at the end of my stories she would always be asleep, and so I thought- Mission Accomplished! I am a great storyteller!

Turns out my Ben Stein tone in voice bored her to sleep… Oh and she never remembered the stories.



-And another night that led to my passion to write and tell stories came from the nights I spent with my eldest of friends. After watching cartoons and anime, playing video games and getting hyped on sugar, candy and soda (lots of soda) a story that would soon grow into an epic fantasy soon to be published!

As well as my addiction to chocolate… I love chocolate


Soooo….. those are the highlights of my adventurous nights. There were more, but those nights are boring.

Are your stories better than mine? Did I miss one that maybe my friends remember that I don’t? Let me know! Comment below and share the love!

***HEADS UP!*** I’m beginning to work on a short fiction story of a young man working at a wacky grocery store where crazy, funny things happen, and I’ll be posting it here! FOR FREE!!!

Now you’re asking, “Why make it for free? Why not publish it and make money?” Folly I say! (I have others in mind for that….) But I want to continue to help get your mind off of your busy and stressful weekdays. Plus I want to give you more of a diversified material to enjoy!

Have a good week, and stay strong!

One thought on “Bedtime Stories, Egg Hunts, and Huddle House???

  1. Thanks for reading! I forgot to mention: The Egg hunt was fun because we wore masks and dark clothing during the night planting things around campus…

    Which explains why the cops became curious that one night…


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