Season 2! Hang On It’s Time For a Wedding Prank!

Missed being here! Season 1 of this blog stuff was really fun, and got some great reception!

But I’m back!

And I’ve got plans…

And stories!

Locked and loaded, here we go with a great story Straight Outa Tennessee at the expense of my brother!

This year the love-able big guy hitched himself to a great girl. And this was his first real relationship!

And now they’re married!

True love enthusiasts and soul mate sponsors out there rejoice! You have another strong case for your beliefs!

These guys led wedding season strong this year. And in case you don’t know, wedding season is when all of YOUR friends and family get engaged, married, or have a kid. Meanwhile YOU are still in school, still developing your career at working off five hours of sleep (or less), or better yet; freshly single!

Don’t worry I’m with you guys, it’ll be okay! Because we can have fun without a significant other for a while…

Because I had fun with the other groomsmen convincing my brother his wedding was cancelled!

J-Flo! you say at this point, Why would you do that? Don’t you know they’re stressed enough as it is?

Yes! In fact if I hadn’t made enough stress with the OTHER wedding I attended this year (that’s another story for another time!) I would have begun a therapeutic program of pranking the groom with the goal to calm him down.

Okay maybe not, but I digress!

I and the other groomsmen (all pastors!) convinced Christopher that his wife-to-be had fallen off the stage and broke her foot.

We pulled it off like professionals…

Walking into the waiting area, we had out heads hanging low and our faces sullen with grief (he could see it right away).

He asks, “What are we supposed to do now that photos are done?”

And we sigh and tell him, “Don’t know man… We think just got cancelled.”

“Why!?” He said in that way I’ve known for years to tell me he fell for it!

“Sara just broke her foot falling off the stage. We think it’s serious…”

He runs his hands through his short hair FURIOUSLY. I can fell the sigh of despair that he breathed.  We all took seats away from him so we could keep our snickering and smiling hidden while he sat in a corner brooding.

(the wedding is an hour and a half away from starting)

For the next few minutes we keep trying to tell him it will be alright, and that maybe she will be alright and it’s only a sprain. But he’s convinced.


Sara (we didn’t know until now) is kind of a KLUTZ.

The prank just elevated into Master execution levels!

So we’re still smiling secretly, he’s stressed, and all of a sudden, the camera guy catches wind of what we’re doing and FAKES a call from his partner. And he starts spouting words such as, “Serious… Emergency Room… Ambulance on the way!”

He’s had enough and he’s trying to get out of the room to take a drive, and wants us to go with him. To him the wedding is done, over with!

We had our fun at this point. So we tell him it was all a prank.

He has to call her just to make sure!

And then he goes to get a bat so he can strike us down.

Needless to say there was no bloodshed that day of course. Unless you count the busted guts we had while he was screaming, “That wasn’t funny!”

***Hope you liked it! I’m going to be producing on a much bigger basis now so more content will come! (Yay!) More than just stories, but also game, movie, restaurant, music, and event reviews, as well as contests, top ten lists, and other creative ideas will keep this blog going!


I’m trying to produce a book for all of you! It’s a high fantasy book filled with heroes, villains, adventure, pirate (just one pirate basically), suspense, and lots of craziness! I also need lots of followers to publish a book (who knew?), so if you like this and want more, follow me! And tell your friends about me if they want a laugh too! I’m asking for a click of your mouse!***

Thanks for being an awesome human.

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