10 Christian Rock Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

Jonah33? Day of Fire? Ana Laura? Sevenglory? Seventh Day Slumber? FORTHANGEL?21:03? Any of these sound familiar?


Didn’t you ever go to Christian Bookstores?

They were on the shelf right in front of you!

Right next to Leeland, tobyMac, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline!

Yeah now you remember!

The clearance bin! Where those bands you never heard of existed for 5 dollars! (The cheapest thing in the store!)

Well did you ever want to know if they were worth a listen without tempting the shame of using your last five dollar bill?

Not to worry my friend…

…For I have arrived, and I have used my five dollar bill (ten times in fact) to see if they were justly put in the clearance bin, or if they were underrated.

1.) Cool Hand Luke

Yes, yes it is a band. This band of four started in 1998 and had a 13 year career.
(They’re gone now…)

There biggest song was the Balancing Act. It’s a decent song. But considering that for thirteen years they went unnoticed for some reason, and only a smidgen of their albums are available of Spotify. There last album does have a nice story though, it’s the final hours of Jesus and told in his perspective. The album also has a variety of sound to the music ranging from soft rock, to classical, to stage production.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Only after 13 years.

2.) Bleach


Yes, this! Their Astronomy album. A couple of the songs they provided with their 4-person band were okay, they had some average content, and the beat was… average.

And that’s the only word I can think of for them.

They ran from 1995 to 2004, and then again in 2010 and are still going to this day! They have the old 90’s vibe to them.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Astronomy probably worthy of clearance, but their new content, yes, explore them!

3.) 21:03 Total Attention

I will go out and say that these guys have a lot of potential. I don’t know why but they sort of dropped out for a few years and then came back in 2011. Total Attention has 2 or 3 good nuggets in their to me, but the recent works have shown they are getting better with age! (and yes they ARE considered to be part rock band).

Overall: Worth it? Total Attention yes, Spiritual Bizness… eh?

4.) ZOEgirl


Barlowgirl is a legit band (or were) but no I mean the literal knock-off ZOEgirl. Not really much to them. Plain. That’s it.

…And that’s one of their songs by the way.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Nah…

5.) Nevertheless

Featured on the road with bands like Skillet and Decyfer Down, they were together from 2003 to 2009. Another 4-person band with most of their songs being decent. The messages and song topics seem pretty generic, but for the most part I enjoyed their sound.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Meh?

6.) Decemberadio

Yes! A good band. Underrated in my opinion. And they’re still going! (supposedly). Start with their Satisfied album, they have a great rock sound, some meaningful lyrics, and a jam session at the end of the album. Everyone wins!

Overall: Worth it: Answer: They are underrated

7.) Jonah33

Their life goes from 2002-2009. A rock band with a good sound and meaningful lyrics. One of their songs, Father’s Song, was a feature on the knock-off Guitar Hero game, Guitar Praise, and it was a good song. Honestly I haven’t heard much more of them because Spotify just now updated their library with more of the bands songs. So I’ll be checking them out more, but for now…

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Father’s Song was good, but not the $99 bucks for Guitar Praise…

8.) Day of Fire

A one hit wonder within the Christian community. Rain was catchy, with a nice rhythm, and decent lyrics. A couple of other rock songs are of decent status, but nothing is really special ’bout em (the songs or the band). They are currently on hiatus and they have released another album since I last remembered them.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Their first album is good, but not so much the later albums…

9.) Krystal Meyers

I’m beginning to sense that something bad happened in 2009, because she ALSO ended her career then, after only going for four years. Anticomformity was recognized from her songs and placed on a compilation CD called ‘The Next Big Thing’ back in 2005 (hint hint, when I purchased most of the music on this list). Sadly enough to say, she didn’t seem to actually be the next big thing.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Well she’s cute! That’s something!

10.) Love Like Gravity

Truly what I consider to be underrated, and with full of potential. They’re still starting out, having only begun in 2010, but with their message and sound, they wear the name Christian Rock Band well.

Overall: Worth it? Answer: Yes, lend them thine ear!

So that’s my list of ten! Obviously the information in opinionated and all of these bands are worth listening to, so judge for yourself whether they’re underrated or clearance bin worthy.

Thanks for reading!

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