They Grow Up So Fast!


Aren’t they adorable?

What’s not to like about them??

They laugh, cry, poop, cry, smile, cry, sleep, drink from bottles, wear tiny clothes, cry, poop, poop, cry.

And I think that’s all they do. Aren’t they just bundles of joy!?

So small and innocent! Everything they do for the first is so thrilling!

Like walking, it is so COOL when a baby learns to walk for the first time. I remember this one time when I watched a toddler for his very first time walking all on his own!

…Into my house…

…All by himself…

Literally without any parent, friend, or anyone! There was no one out in the middle of the day watching this toddler walking around our tiny community apartments.

At first I thought I might have been hallucinating. This was around the time when I was… experimenting with substances at the late hours…

Yes I admit to abusing Fudge Rounds and Dr. Pepper while playing Kingdom Hearts… I’m attending meetings regularly I realize this is a problem.


Anyway I had thought that maybe my adventures inside the Disney kingdom were still continuing.

Except I couldn’t find Donald or Goofy anywhere…

So I let the little guy in and thought, “Hey maybe somebody will come for him in a minute. After all he’s precious cargo!”

And he was a pretty cool guy. We chilled, watched Spongebob, talked about our day, talked about school, and got to know each other pretty good. I even gave him some advice for the future on making a savings plan.

Nice boy.

Well about an hour later mom (his mom) shows up in a tizzy! (That’s a uh… fluster of multiple emotions at once for you guys following along)

She was relieved to find her child safe, she was all like, “Oh my baby, there you are! You had mommy worried to death!” (pretty cliche stuff if you ask me) and she was cradling him and hugging him and all that. After calming down a little bit she apologized for her son barging in. I didn’t think it was a big deal, after all it was clearly an accident.

…Or so I thought…

AS it turns out, MOM (his mom) decided that she needed a nap. Sure that’s fine , I take naps, I like naps, I take a nap when I can (I took one in the middle of writing this post!). That wasn’t the problem, the problem was forgetting to check the DOORS before taking her siesta fiesta!

But I guess I can’t blame her. If my child suddenly grew tall enough to open doors while I napped, I’d be shocked and afraid too! (But not because my child went missing, but because of his magical growth spurt!)

All is well in the end I suppose. Except I may have started him on a road filled with addiction and pain…

…That’s right… I gave him a fudge round…



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