There once was a man who lived under a bridge…

***This is a quick concept idea I created really quick out of stream of conscious***

He offers an instrument of weird design. It is a weird sword in appearance, and has prong like elements. The man takes a liking to Alexx and begs him to take the weapon from him. Alexx takes it reluctantly. The unique function it initially holds is the high pitch ringing it makes when it is hit. For months it stays in Alexx’s ship cabin gathering dust. It sat against a wall for a time, inside a barrel of swords. Alexx uses it as a makeshift chime for a while, throwing things at it to hear the high pitch tone.  House of Keys- a large castle belonging to an old but master key maker. The castle is constantly locked, in extreme disrepair, and is surrounded by dead trees, stagnant swamps, and decay. The entrance is located in a large graveyard outside the city of Fuerdstris.  By complete accident, as Alexx hits the tone just about everyday, a harmonic tune plays far off on the nearby shore near their sailing course. They turn the ship around after learning the sound resonates with the key, and they follow the sound for fun. They find the mansion and realize the key opens the door.  Inside they find an inner dwelling just as ruined as the outside. There are tapestries hanging dusty, warn of color and thread. Cracked flooring, glass shattered over the ground. Two cases of stairs spiraling up broken, covered in age and spiders. An old chandelier rusted. Columns cracked, and paint peeled and one of them broken and crumbled on the ground.  One slight detail remained noticeable and impossible to avoid – keys. Keys covered the ground, the walls, the stairs, and covered the floor so much, Alexx and his crew couldn’t walk anywhere without kicking some, of stepping on them. Many keys looked the same, they were simple, made of copper and iron. Others were large and crafted strangely into shapes that wouldn’t work for any door Alexx knew of. There were portraits of keys on the wall, some still in place and the rest were crooked, or on the ground. There was a great sized key crafted dangling from the chandelier. The men searched the rooms, and find spaces all fitted to be of various use and attraction. They find a piano room with not one but three grand pianos, two harps, a set of drums, and a variety of brass air instruments. Dust, rust, cracks mites, covered everything place. Off in the far corner, stacked to the roof were wooden crates. Upon opening one of them, they found it stuffed to the brim with keys. After meticulously opening the other boxes they found the same thing, keys, keys, keys, keys and more keys.  They searched and found a kitchen. A large ice box, many tables covered in rotten vegetables, fruits, dough, plants, cheeses, utensils, plates, and bowls. Not the least however we’re keys also cluttering the corners, the tables, and the shelves. The next room was a study. This large room was not so covered with keys, though there were a few. Books, shelves, chairs, tables, and papers covered the floor, but not in a way that was normal to a used room. This room was turned upside down. It had past signs of rigorous searching. The books were torn, the tables smashed, and the shelves knocked over. Alexx and the crew investigated the papers on the ground and found memoir inserts, and research notes. They looked through at least a hundred pages between all of them and pieced together the house belonging to an old Zane, who was infatuated with making the ultimate key, a key that would unlock any door, any seal, any pad, anything. And after a couple of pages they found he made it after six years of working through trial after trial. And when he made it, he was sought after, or he believed he was sought after, once multiple characters of high and low social status began begging him for it, and offering riches like he had never seen before. Alexx resolves to find this key, excited by the idea of any lock being available to him. They look for a way into the lower level of the mansion. They avoided the upstairs, and moved away past the dining room, the living room, play room, and conservatory. They finally reached a shed out passed the garden with stairs and nothing else.  Taking some torches they investigated, not knowing what to find. At the bottom of the straight case, they found a workshop. This was where the key making devices were found. Though covered in dust, it could be easily noticed how beyond repair they lie along the cellar walls. Adjacent to their entrance was a door of simple design, but sealed with a lock of elegant, and complicated features. It was broken and lying next to the door. Alexx stepped through the room and proceeded to open the door. He was welcomed by the sight of a good sized room, and Kai dwelling inside, walking around aimless, and unaware of his presence. He slipped back out to prepare an attack plan.  He executed a surprise slaughter and the evil creatures were slain before many could attack. As the room cleared it was becoming emptier and more vacant. There was nothing in this room save for one key, driven into the wall, and a skeleton. The scene interests Alexx, and he investigates. He finds a book behind the skeleton which is a diary. In it, he finds the markings of the last thoughts belonging to the key master. It describes how the Zane cleverly took out the key component to make his key work, a Moon Coin. This magic medallion he found by painstakingly sacrificing everything to obtain it, he kept, while he tasked his brother with taking the hollow tool. His brother was successful in getting far away and never allowing someone to find the key. Ironically the men who allowed him to get the Moon Coin were the same people who came to kill him and steal the key.  That concluded the diary, and Alexx pieced together the end of the men not being happy about the keys escape, so they took the Coin back. With no Moon Coin, Alexx wouldn’t get the key to work, but decided to go and have a talk with the brother under the bridge. The story ends with them finding the bridge, but no zane. They find an empty squat. They do however find a two part message. The first part says, “to those still hunting me for my brothers treasure, too bad… I have it to someone else. Don’t bother looking for me, or the key, it’s completely safe.” The second part says, “to someone else, if you’re reading then you know what’s going on. I’m sorry to put this burden on you, it’s incredibly selfish, but I can’t let them find the key. When I noticed you, I knew the key would be safe.” Best regards, the key masters brother.

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