The Gauntlet

This is an “in development” story, so more of a concept I’m working on.

It’s an urban fantasy setting, superhero centered kind of project. My main character is a form of a mechanic who flies around on a glider, works with the police, and uses a variety of tools via his glider to help catch criminals and keep peace. He’s a pleasant personality, gets along with most anybody, believes in what’s right, and tries to stay on the path of good. He’s not without faults. He is impulsive, and he keeps connections with shady people who operate on the gray side of morality. He will at times make a bad call based on personal feelings, instead of acting in accordance with the law. 

His glider has capablities of flying at high speeds, expert maneuver ability, and is operated by foot controls. It comes with a sentry mode to keep a lookout for the Gauntlet while he performs stealth, or night hunting. The front is mounted with a protective guard to not damage the glider in case of collisions. It’s also used to knock down assailants. The glider is also equipped with non lethal shock sticks to stun criminals.

He operates out of a medium sized town that is ten minutes outside a huge city. He feels more comfortable working on a smaller scale where he knows the people on a closer level, but never is shy to go and assist the heroes in the larger city. Hence the name Gauntlet. He sees himself more as a guardian to lend a hand when the need arises. His real name is Tyler Williams.

He also comes with a rival; one who hates the smaller city for being stuck in it against his will, and for having parents who ogle the city more than him. His name is Blaine Whisp. Blaine gets ahold of a biotech trench coat than can shrink and grow and be used as a lethal weapon. 

I’ve got a few more ideas like allies and significant moments, but for now I think that’s a good stopping point. I’ll be back!

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