The Gauntlet- Part 2 “What every hero needs”

Every good hero needs a greater host of allies, right? So let’s talk other heroes.

Jack Durham- The Doctor

When I was constructing a good cast, I thought to myself, “What would be a good aid? What’s a medium that’s not explored often? And if it is, are they are a main character?”

But then the dusty cogs in my idea container hatched a better question, “What do heroes need?”

[Andy Andrews once got his book published by asking himself the better questions. Instead of asking who was the right publisher he asked himself, “who’s more powerful than a publisher?” and his answer was: a publisher wife]

I didn’t even fully explore the question, nor do I even know if I found the best answer, but every crime fighting vigilante, male or female, will eventually get hurt. They always get hurt, even the worst bad guy gets a good cheap shot in every now and then, and unless they’re Wolverine, or the Ninja Turtles, a hero will need a healing factor.

Enter Jack Durham! A student of the medical field who yearns for helping people. There is no discretion if a person is in need. If they are wounded he will heal them.

So what motive gives a doctor a reason to fight crime? Simple: You don’t treat the symptoms of an infection and call it a day. You get rid of the infection. Jack has the conviction of stopping the injuries and death before they happen.

But isn’t a doctor not supposed to cause harm?

Depends on the doctor! >:)

Dr. Durham is not one to harm others, it’s his personal rule. So what is Jack to do? Let others defeat the bad guys while he roots and cheers from the sidelines? In his eyes, that’s like letting a neurosurgeon let a nurse complete the operation. That’s why Dr. Durham trained to become an expert in submissions, and capture resources. In Jack’s vigilant arsenal, he possesses the knowledge to subdue criminals in simple wrestling holds, and knows pressure points and joints to bring down his opponent without hurting them, only stopping them.

And if that isn’t enough he contains ties, a sturdy length of cable, some cuffs, and finally a special goo he can release from a capsule that freezes the enemy completely still.

But of course Jack Durham is only human, and has been known to let his emotions get the better of him. In his record, there have been only three criminals he severely injured out of necessity, and one he nearly killed. It involved his pride getting hurt, and some personal wounds to be opened.

So… wait-

What would they be? And if he is a successful and smart doctor, why isn’t he content just being in a hospital? There are plenty of wounded and hurt there.

All excellent forced questions!

Jack Durham’s backstory is also rather simple, and maybe one that many can relate. Jack Durham ISN’T the best, but he isn’t the worst. And if anyone fighting through the medical field knows: What is a doctor called if he doesn’t have the highest scores?

A doctor.

Jack learned a harsh lesson that there are those better than him. Even if you spend your entire life pursuing a goal, someone can always trump you. It’s a sad but honest truth. But thanks to a close friend, and spiritual guide, Jack took his unique placement of mechanics, sports activities, and medical knowledge and sought to use them.

And that is why Jack Durham, The Doctor, is unmatched in medical crime fighting.

…Being the only one in that field doesn’t hurt either!

*** I’ll have more to come in then following days! ***


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