The Gauntlet- Part 3 “What Makes a Hero

So before we get into more heroes, let’s talk challenges, villains, and landscape.

I’m gonna pull a reverse order on you and start with the landscape. I feel like using a different model for ‘big city’ instead of using New York or Chicago. Remember that big city I mentioned before? Well imagine if it were more like Atlanta, a large city that is more traffic central than anything else. And let’s take that idea and expand it. The city of New Green is what I’ll call it, since EVERY state in the U S has a Greenville. 

The largest commerce in New Green is transportation; airplanes, cars, motor vehicles, boats, and road construction are what make the place thrive. And yes I mentioned boats so it’s by an ocean.

But the Gauntlet is not based out of this city, he is committed and faithful to the smaller city a mere fifteen minutes away by car; Nicksville. I’ll name it that since I’m living in Kentucky and the model for this town is Nicholasville. 

Nicksville produces the parts, every part that New Greens needs for their vehicles. It also centers around asphalt production.

With so much costly metal, useful parts, and large resource housing, it’s the prime target for theft. In fact, there is one man who organizes a large crime syndicate against his own empire of parts. Why would he do that? Wouldn’t it hurt his business? On the contrary; if he’s stealing from himself and selling them black market at a higher price, he makes more money. 

And he manages to succeed this while being mayor of Nicksville. And his son is Blaine.

Finally that leaves another villain who’s been on my mind. With all of that road, there’s sure to be those who drive for a thrill?

Try one guy. Chris White. An ex employee who was laid off for wrecklessly driving all of the cars, causing large amounts of damage, and spending time in prison for excessive speeding tickets. Unfortunately none of that helped him turn his ways around. Instead he stole a bunch of parts and built a motorcycle that is too dangerous to ride. But Mr. White is finally able to fill his lust for speed on this bike that can top speeds of 350. 

He’s just riding around right? He’s not harming anyone. 

But he is! 

With his weaving in and out, he’s caused wrecks that have hit the triple digit in mere weeks. And when cops try to tail him, he manages to slip away and hide until his next night joy ride. 

How will the Gauntlet be able to stop him?

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