Crash Bandicoot- Fan Made Game Idea

Hi there everyone,

If you’re here, I probably told you that I have a Crash Bandicoot game idea. Crash Bandicoot is one of my top favorite gaming series, and I’ve followed it for years, and tried to play and master them all. Well in light of recent years with games being remastered and the fan base exploding again, I figured it was time to add back to the loving Bandicoot. I’m going to be honest, to make game stories would be a dream of mine, and if any of my ideas get used, that would complete my life. And that’s why I’m posting this online, and asking for feedback and/or notoriety.



3D Platforming fusing open world elements, linear path running, 3D/2D platform segments, and vehicle segments. It is mostly an overworld map layout (Very much in the style of Crash 1), and the player must complete levels to progress. One or multiple levels may be open to the player at a time. On the map, and in the levels can be found secret pathways that lead to warp gates, rooms, or pads that can take Crash back in time, or forward in some cases, for more challenge, more gameplay, and secret collectables for further completion and more game content. The collectables usually include island dwellers, themed items based on focusing Crash restore the islands to their former glory, for instance Crash can acquire special seeds to help restore the plants in the swamp island, minerals for the sand/factory island, etc. The main collectable are of course crystals and gems, a limited number for each island. They are also required for opening up paths throughout the game.

Story: Set after the many adventures of Crash Bandicoot vs. Neo Cortex, Crash comes up against an enemy that he never saw coming: The Box King. The Box King confronts our marsupial hero and demands revenge for all of the multiple boxes Crash has… crashed through for years. Crash takes to defeating him, but realizes that his spinning, jumping and even belly blasting cannot destroy him. The Box King instead crashes Crash instead, and forces him to flee. The Box King decrees that Wumpa Island will become the Box King’s new home, and will take the inhabitants as his new subjects. The Box King subjects Cortex under his rule and makes him prepare a castle, minions, and henchmen. Naturally Cortex refuses, but the Box King forces him to work for him, or certain death would befall him. Cortex reluctantly becomes his servant. Uka Uka finds a liking to the Box King, and decides to join him, and lend his power and crystal-obsessed plan to the Box King’s own.

Now running from his own home island, Crash realizes he needs more strength than before to meet this new challenge head on and save his home. He’s cast out to see, onto waters that he’s never been across before, and soon finds a chain of islands similar to his own. He begins on a swampy island that has old and destroyed ruins of what seems to be Box King’s home of origin. He was a seemingly failed project from the Evolve-O-Ray days, and N. Brio is behind his creation. Brio still is found on the island, with a few box slaves of his own, but mostly what is found are broken or incomplete projects, some imitating Dr. Cortex’s old machines, but a poor imitation. In fact it was a poor imitation of the Evolve-O-Ray that somehow added sentience to all box life on the part swamy, part ruined castle laboratory island Crash found himself on. N. Brio helped Crash in the past, but finds himself too depressed to do anything good or bad, the defeat from his own creation also brought him down. Crash needs to get back and perhaps get some engineering help as well, and so helps Brio regain his former self. Brio wants his formula back, but the ingredients are getting scarce and are in heavily populated swamp locations that he can’t send box or machine to get them. He supposes Crash can do it, but he has no hope for it.

Through some platforming and a boss battle or two, Crash gains the ingredients he needs and returns them to Brio. Brio turns back into his gargantuan green form and feels like his old self again. Fortunately it’s just in time to see Cortex, and The first-mate of King Boxes crew come to take out the Bandicoot. Cortex is reluctant to release his inventions, only because it was not his ideas. Brio helps out in the fight, repelling the forces for the time being. Brio helps Crash get to the next islands, and then calls it even as he begins to go back and create more inventions as his own scientist.

In the next island, it is a green everglade mountain, to a snow covered tundra island. Climbing the mountain levels and traversing the levels of caves, meeting mountain people (possibly new, possibly old like Koala Kong), befriending the mother polar bear, fighting a couple bosses, and fighting then helping and getting help from Dingodile. As you help them restore his island hometown, Cortex yet again appears with the help of another minion, Dingodile providing minimal support like Brio before. Cortex suffers defeat again, and Dingodile wants retribution for attacking them, even though it’s against his will. Crash defuses Dingodile, and Cortex flees again. Crash finds Dingo going off to do his own thing, and Crash takes his leave to the next island.

The next island is a beach, to a desert/volcano, to a machinery theme island. Here Cortex is seen more often because of the factory and power. The allies Crash meets include Crunch, and oddly enough the Komodo Brothers. They help Crash navigate the desert, and get into the power plant/factory. A lot of box monsters are upgraded to tougher opponents, and Tiny Tiger and N. Gin are the opponents of the island. After toppling the factory and the powerplant, rash moves on to the next and final island.

Crash finds his home completely remade in the image of the Box King’s image. The Bandicoot comes face to face with his toughest opponents: the toughest box enemies, traps and puzzles that are ‘Bandicoot-proof’ and push Crash to his limit. Crash takes on Cortex before the encounter with Box King. He is defeated and assumed to run away. Crash takes on the Box King with his new abilities and manages to bring him down. Unfortunately Cortex has a back up plan, and mechanizes the defeated Box King into a near indestructible form. Crash can’t touch him, he’s made of the steel box material. Box King chases Crash around and attacks him, Crash is only able to defend himself and run away. Fortunately there is one plan, to make the Box King destroy his palace and crumble with it. Crash is able to strp multiple bottle-rocket launchers onto the Box King, it launches him high above the castle, and with all the new weight, the Box King comes crashing back down, he crashes into the new evolve-o-ray and it reverts Box King back from his new form, to a place where Crash can finish him, and Cortex, for good.

End of story.

Abilities: Along with his double jump, super tornado, bazooka, and super flop he already possesses, but he also has his slide, crouching, and crawling abilities.



  • Wumpa Launcher/ Frogzooka


Frogs HATE wumpa fruit, and spit them out in spite. But the tongue can also be useful for grabbing high ledges, or pesky enemies, but not heavy rocks or large enemies.


  • Boombat


Useful for cracking difficult box enemies, or any kind of enemies for that matter. Capable of causing small tremors, swatting away debris and obstacles.


  • Glow Top


A functioning hat, made from bioluminescent fungi (those funky mushrooms all over the weird islands!) It’s useful for traversing through the harsh weather rain that hurts our hero(s), and majorly supplies light in dark caverns and holes Crash needs to explore through.


  • Bottle Rocket Launcher


This construction grants Crash a limited number of soaring leaps into the air! Made from the swampy gases around the new weird islands, Crash can reach new locations, extremely high ledges, or give him the height he needs to come rocketing down on tough enemies.


  • Fertilizer Nozzle


The Box King hates the jungle area, and all things natural. He immediately goes to work making his minions turn the jungles, swamps and other areas covered in metals and woods. Sometimes this destroys homes for the islands critters and keeps areas and even some islands disconnected from each other! With the fertilizer nozzle added to Crash’s launcher, he can use a special formula to regrow the island and bring it back to it’s swampy, beachy, forest-y beauty!


Crash has always had vehicles, and he’ll need all he had, or will have, to conquer the Box King

    • Jet Ski: He’s nothing in the water, but on top of it, and with an engine powered water ski, Crash can traverse the island’s rivers, swamps, and lakes.
    • Jet Pack: During the final area, when Crash confronts the new Box King Empire, the place is too large to navigate on foot alone! Many areas will require Crash to use more than his bottle rocket launcher, but his Jet Pack which can help him fly.


  • Polar Bear: Found on the second island just on the mountains, lost, and hungry. Crash tends him back to health and together they help each other cross the tundra which is at times heavily snowing and unable to traverse, unless you’re a polar bear.



After the player manages to find all of the secret warp gates, paths and rooms, they are then treated to a final island, where N. Trophy and his fellow mate, N. Trance preside. They welcome Crash, albeit they are enemies, and offer Crash some risk and reward. They explain that their island is out of whack, and seeing as how they noticed Crash running around timelines, they offer him the menial tasks of getting the crystals and gems to power up their machines to get their island of time back in order.

The levels are purely 3D platforming, and the themes jump back and forth using pieces and parts of both future, present, and past of the levels Crash has visited before, but they are mirrored, filled with more enemies, run at a slower pace, or a faster pace, and mesh together. The levels are purely made for fun, and have crystals and gems along with time relics.

~~~Okay, that’s it. Thank you for coming!~~~

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