Runescape Mobile Update

Shenanigans afoot!!

So I’m big into the online MMORPG game Runescape. Last year they mentioned a release of the game going mobile, which was hype!

But they gave no clear release date.

Well, today on their Looking Ahead video live from their Twitch and subsequent YouTube channel they discussed briefly how the beta of the game went out to a small amount of people for feedback and testing. There were quite a few things that came back such as the buttons were too small, and finding out how to deal with the game that allows for closing and opening frequently.

It sounds like it has a ways to go, and doesn’t appear to be releasing anytime soon. So here’s hoping they can clear their issues successfully and deliver a perfect port to our cellphones. And that way, I can work on my fishing and cooking whilst delivering a fridge!

You can view the conversation here:

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