Big Plans for 2018

Shenanigans afoot!

On top of tying the knot, I have some big writing plans for 2018:

Finish editing my novel

Finish writing the Great Grocery Games

Those are the biggest ongoing which is challenging my skill as an author.

There are some other projects that will he a challenge but also be entertaining and can be completed in one sit down. I love the Kingdom Hearts series, so as my tribute I’m going to try and break down the story to such a level that anyone can get what’s going on, as well as discuss the philosophy influencing it, and keep the tone light and fun!

And finally, there’s been a development in my career that is in the running for the greatest delivery story ever told. This one will take some time and preparation to be… delivered perfectly 😉

So that’s what I’ve got going on top of my already trying to make 100 posts.

What about you? Any fun artistic projects this year?

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