Daily Reflection

Shenanigans afoot!

Today’s been a big day! I almost made it through without writing.

The horror…

But there were other important matters at hand. Taking care of my beloved. She has been stricken with sickness, and I have been attempting to be Dr. Flo. Its been a pretty chill day.

I recommend the show Brooklyn 99. Its hilarious.

I also recommend the game Portal. Just been in two hours to show my fiance the hype of it all. I gotta say, it was a bit creepier than I remembered. Plus, it also showed me just how uninformed of the universe be I.


What was the portal gun made for?

Does it involve the Half-life game?

I would really like to know. If anyone has a clue you can email me or comment or whatever to get a hold of me and educate me on Aperatures purposes.

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