LEGO Avengers VS Justice League

Shenanigans afoot!

So this picture surfaced on my feed today:

And it looks really cool! Someone who had some time and expertise did a great job, and I’m proud of them.

But let’s be real: there are simply too many names in this title that will not get enough screen time in a two and a half hour movie block for it to be successful.

Not to mention rights, and owners and all.

Infinity War is already shaping up to be, in my opinion, a blockbuster of epic proportions. And the amount of effort it took to achieve it is astronomical to look at.

Even DC has accomplished a lot, even though the majority of movie goers prefer the Marvel movies, there’s a lot of art and care that culminates the DC’verse. Its an apple and orange comparison.

But now with this poster, everyone would love to see RDJ smack Batfleck in the jaw. I think it would be pretty funny too.

Alas, we must remember that Icarus’ wings melted when he flew to close.

A love action Marvel vs. DC is simply too colossal, and that sun can simply not be reached…



Double shenanigans!!


…Could it be?

A distributer with their hands on both properties?????

The sun could be in our grasp!

I’m little, plastic, building pieces!

Well it’s a great idea that I feel could be met if lots of people petitioned for it.

And as for a plot…


Yeah that’s right, so much shenanigans to shake a stick at. If this works we might even see the most legendary image of all time…

Only in Lego form.

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