PRODIGY (See ya, Skylanders, Adios Amiibos)


Here’s a new game to put on your radar, or perhaps maybe not…

It’s called Prodigy, a KickStarter sensation that begin four years ago, and for a while has remained quite silent and incomplete.

I stumbled upon the game in Steam, although there it’s labeled Prodigy Tactics. There is an interesting review left on the game by a player who stated that the company is not doing well. By doing well, I mean they had to hand the game over to the publisher, and remain in mystery whether the Backers would get all of the promised goodies all those years ago. If you check their Facebook page, you’ll find people asking them the same thing, with people replying to them “soon” as the answer.

The Steam version doesn’t need the white board or the figurines to play, but according to their page it will be compatible once that option is finally released.

You can move the highly detailed characters around the white board during combat whether it’s against AI or real people (yes, those mythical creatures you heard so much about!)

Each beautiful figurine will come equipped to take part in the games story mode. The graphics, from what I’ve seen, are gorgeous, the gameplay and interaction with the board, figures, and game are top notch. They’re really looking to bring figurine play to the next level.

So if you’re ready to invest in a great PC game, start saving. It’s a fantastic new fantasy world. The creators have taken special care to look at each detail and give their fans an enjoyable experience. And take a look at their website, which I’ll link below.


Facebook page:

Steam page:

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