Rampage, a Good Game Movie?

Quite simply, Rampage the old 1980 game is as simple as they come. It is such a good idea for a game, yet who would have thought that they could make a movie out of it?

Not me.

As I’m sure lots of people felt. Game with higher concepts were made into movies, but they failed in one way or another. So how did Rampage fair?

I think it did fairly well, and I think I might have an idea as to how it succeeded.

First there’s the movie culture and how it’s evolved to have subgenres. To save time I’ll cut to the chase. I feel Rampage is in the action for actions sake movie. You want a movie with no complex story, but guns, muscles, explosions, and giant creatures?

Rampage! (…and also that one with megazords and Godzilla ripoffs)

Also, the keen intuition of the director and producers behind Rampage play an integral part.

Am I saying this movie is the blockbuster of the century? Not really, but if you can take a simple story idea and do a good job with it, then it’s worth alot. Especially more than taking a grand idea and making garbage.

Rather than try to make something different out of it, like that old Mario movie, a game should be carefully looked at for not it’s potential but it’s reality. And I believe that the people in charge of our summer theater experience are getting that. Which pleases me, because the future looks good for game movies.

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