Games to be Looking Out For

To Satisfy That Fantasy Itch

Here’s Chronic, coming back at you with some news on a new game. God of War 4 leaving you itching for more? Did throwing around that beautiful axe and ripping Draugrs apart leave you happy, but wanting more?

Me too!

There looks to be a new game coming in the future to satisfy that urge until God of Dad 5 comes out (whenever that is. Pleeeeease PLEEEEEEEEEASE BE SOOON!!!).

It’s called Project Awakening, a Japanese fantasy action rpg game coming out for the PS4. All we have to go on is a couple trailers and screenshots, but the basics are already there: top-gen graphics, realistic humans, and vicious monsters that can turn your body into a puddle of goo.

Our hero looks rather nice, sporting his sword and shield and beard (The essentials) and it looks like he’s ready to face his cloud of Coloss- I mean “wolves”

Or maybe HE is the wolf?

Cygames is the developer for this new project, and what’s got me interested is the new console adventure for the team. They’re mostly responsible for those mobile anime games you see on the gaming list that you think yourself, “it looks cool, and pretty, but I’ll probably get overwhelmed with items and microtransaction integrations and will probably lose my way around the main screen.”

You’re probably right!

But now they’re taking a stab at the fantasy realm and dipping their feet into the pool of man vs monster. It’s a pretty safe bet, and can be a good time. As long as they don’t skip out on tight controls, focused, and strong narration, good camera, and testing, everything will be fine!


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