My Hero Academia: Big Screen Action


This is a review for the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an anime movie in theaters. Probably the old Pokemon movies? Teen Tians: Trouble in Tokyo? (That was in theaters, right?)

Sigh, it’s been a while.

Anyway, My Hero: Two Heroes was a fantastic movie experience. The animation did not disappoint, the story, voice acting, (Yes, I watched dubbed and I think the voices are great- CATCH ME OUTSIDE!) was excellent, and the story makes an addition that enhanced the universe of Academia.

The stories theme of successor plays out extremely well in two ways, between All Might, his old sidekick Dave, and Melissa and Midoriya. Melissa is the daughter of Dave, a near genius at inventions, much like her father.

Everyone from class 1-A is here to represent, most of them involved in the plot while a handful get a couple shots of screen time.

The movie plays out like you can expect in all the glorious ways. You’ve got a little exposition for those watching for the first time, all the main characters finding their way into the plot (rather cleverly and creative in my opinion), action and Mineta humor, Iida hand gestures, Bakugo insanity, and Midoriya muttering.

Overall, me and my wife had a great time being with the anime fans of Lexington joining together and having a great time, and we weren’t disappointed.


Watching a movie that is CANON wasn’t so bad either!


Here’s a nice wallpaper for you!

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