Mirio Togata, and ADHD

So, if you’ve kept up with the new hit anime, My Hero Academia, then you and I have a lot we can fanboy about (and fangirl, there’s no discrimination here!)

It’s been a great anime so far, taking the superhero motif into a new area only Japan can. The idea of how All Might alone has to be the most brilliant idea since Doctor Who and his regeneration cycle.

But today we’re talking about my favorite character, Mirio Togata. Third year, part of “the big three”, and according to Eraserhead, Tue best candidate for the #1 Pro Hero position.

But that’s not why I like him the most!

He has a unique quirk called Permeation. He slips through everything, even the Earth, even loses hearing, smell, and sight when he does. And when he turns off his quirk, he comes slipping back up. He’s basically untouchable.

But THAT’S not he’s my favorite!

To become the best he had to train harder than most to turn his experience of quirk use and fighting that best suited his circumstance.

aND THaT”s whY I LIKe HIM!

…sorry my voice still cracks…

For such is the issue of many 90’s and many other adults, kids, and senior citizens, I deal with ADHD.

Now, I’m not sure what you dealt with, but here’s my experience. My parents went back and forth between thinking it was an actual issue, or thinking I was being unfocused, scatter brained, or undisciplined.

But it was legit. After 13 they took me off, when the hyperactivity calmed down. I was left to deal with the rest from then on.

And from 14 onward staying committed to anything was impossible. It was chalked up to lack of interest, or- again- I just wasn’t disciplined enough.

Getting out on my own was REAL fun (insert sarcasm here). But let me step back first. I’m not going to blame all my problems on ADHD. Because as a teenager and a young adult, there is a lack of interest and some undiscipline that exists.

See, if you’re anything like me, all you wanted to do was play video games. I had no idea what I wanted to be at 18, I was happy in my imagination, making worlds and characters all day.

Little did I know I could do that as a career. Oh, how naive I was.

But when I finally came around to knowing who I was and what I wanted (most adventurous four years of my life!) I found that those ADHD symptoms were still there. Sometimes accomplishing tasks felt like…

Like Mindjet!

Ever used Mindjet? It’s what they call a mind map program. You start out with an idea, then connect similar ideas with other bubbles. And you can then get a little farther off the original idea with less but still similar ideas through webs of lines and bubbles.

ADHD muddles the lines between thoughts.

The result is that it is hard to make connections. Literally at times. And multi-tasking isn’t an issue, but STAYING on task is where it gets difficult.

Just like Mirio. The dude has to be conscious of each part of his body, which he has to turn off and on, at all times. But the dude mastered it! And he’s so (was) powerful, he’s already pro status.

Riddelin and adderol are nothing to be ashamed of. And they’re not cheat codes. We have to get our quirks under control so we can use them and be the masters before we can claim pro status.

So, the dude is an inspiration for me. Plus he’s a goofball and I love him the more for it. And that’s why he’s my favorite character.

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