Top 10 Favorite Anime

Oh, anime.

Here is my love letter to you, you blessed ocean. Those who are lucky only dip their feet and catch a taste, and maybe walk away hoping to try a little more. Those who never get the chance to try you miss out on the large cultural phenomenon, for your audience blends cultures. And then there are those like my charming wife, whom you’ve ensnared into believing they can one day watch every anime ever made.

I’m at a place where I do not know how to categorize myself. But until I do, I present to anime, my list of favorites I’ve found. May it be pleasing to your sight, and may it strengthen our relationship for years to come. I’ll try and keep them ranked from least loved to most loved

10.) Assassination Classroom

If you were asked to kill your teacher for 10 billion dollars, how could you not begin to question your morals? Still not sure? What if your teacher said he was going to kill you first?

Yeah, now it’s a little easier.

Here’s how much I love this anime: I’m not even finished watching it! But I’m coming off of my Nonary Game craze and needing a fix, and this anime is doing it for me. Time may tell if this anime rocks my list, but it’s going to have stiff competition because…

9.) Erased

Let’s go back and rewrite our mistakes. We can’t??? Anime lied to me!!!

Haha, I’m just kidding. Stephen King did…

I was going to gloss Erased over. My wife was loving it, and wanted me to watch it after she finished the manga, and I was reluctant. But after losing precious sleep for the next episode I was hooked. It had that vibe that is carried with Life is Strange. That slice of life where we are forced to remember how unfair it is, but for some reason we can go back and remake decisions. The best stories are those where the main character does so for the better of as many as he or she can. Case in point: Erased.

8.) .hack:// Legend of the Twilight

Sorry for the pics quality…

I didn’t know it would be hard to find good imagery! But lo and behold, here’s my next anime. For the record, this is the one that started it all. Late night, Cartoon Network, just me, and this amazing new style of cartoons I’ve never seen before. A cartoon with a deep compelling story! Who knew it would be possible?

Like, everyone, apparently.

7.) Angel Beats

You’re dead.

And you’re trying to kill a little girl who’s known as Angel.

….okay then!

Sometimes it’s not the quality of the anime that sticks to us, it’s either where we were when we watched it, or who we were with.

Though I think this is a good anime, what’s more important is my longest of friends and I watched this while our friendship was strained. We were eventually far apart due to life, but after a long time, one weekend gave us the revival we needed. And binging this anime was on the list. Don’t remember why exactly, but it happened. And it was the anime that was there in the time.

6.) Gurren Lagann

It took me way too long to finish this anime. I’m talking maybe a couple years went by.


Because of truth.

The future must be handed off to the next generation. The heroes of today eventually die. They are forgotten, and the way is clear for the next hero.

Kind of like a drill…

The tip always goes first, to make the way, and the next part make it big enough for the next part. It’s such a beautiful illustration. And this anime showed me that.

5.) Naruto

Four words: Gaara versus Rock Lee

‘Nuff said!!

4.) My Hero Academia

What?? My Hero! No way who could have seen this one coming??

Literally, everyone.

Fans of hardcore and softcore anime just can’t seem to not like this show. And how could they not? Japan has finally found a way to take the Western superhero trope and give it it’s own spin. Complete with a look at how superheroes flooding the world, the impact they take on real people, and the consequences it creates. It’s a really good commentary, as well as good action, color, humor, and story.

Ooh, the big three, a common trope in anime. The hard worker, the girl, and the seriously talented one. So which is it for me?

3.) Castlevania

Audible gasp. A Netflix anime. A game inspired anime. And yet… An anime.

There’s so much goodness to this anime. The style is beautiful, if you’re thinking of the fights and not the gratuitous blood and murder. The story is great, because it’s picked and fleshed from a game. And the kicker? It’s only four episodes long (so far).

2.) Gintama

How can I describe this show? Uh… Japanese SpongeBob!

…that’s the best I got.

But seriously, this show is amazing. It’s off the beaten path of softcore anime. For five seasons all it did was horse around, make hilarious antics, bring new characters in slowly, and made references that Americans would totally not get at first, like referencing likenesses to former Japanese politicians.

And then season six happened. And suddenly there’s a plot! And not just a plot but a darn good one!! Complete with back stories and returning characters, epic fights, and the same humor you came to know and expect!!!

1.) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I’ve watched this anime five times completely. The most I’ve watched of anything. The plot, philosophy, characters, setting, world build, and writing, it’s all masterful to me. They didn’t spare anything, they used each and every scene to make the experience a grand one.

I’d go more into it, but I have the ability to undersell things. Haha!

Go watch it. You won’t regret it. That’s the Chronic guarantee.

So there’s my list! Hope you enjoyed it.

Here are some of the honorable Mentions:

Code Geass

Hero Tales

Dragon Ball (not Z or Super, though both are also good)

One Piece

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