Gintama Game for Android

Google Play has a small library of anime games, which is highly unfortunate. What’s a guy supposed to play when he wants some My Hero Academia fun, or Full Metal Alchemist action? Well, for English native folks we’re reduced to a very limited amount of options. But if you’re clever enough, you can find some hidden gems.

And I’m here to present to you…

I don’t know! (Laugh)

It’s a unique game type that I’ve seen before playing a One Piece game localized on Facebook a long time ago. They give you a hub space to run around with the other players to show off your avatar, and interact with character from the game to utilize multiple game mechanics.

(They’re in cute little forms!)

The main game play is around a faithful telling of the anime/manga. You have some energy to spend on battles that begin and end with scenes from the show.

And the battles are really easy to play, despite everything being written in kanji.

All you do is press the attack button and the characters act according to their speed. Once the little yellow bar fills up (and it fills up super quickly) they unleash their special attack which deals more damage to a single enemy, a line of enemies, or all enemies.

Their character screens have pages for upgrading their equipment, their level, or their rank.

And in speaking of characters, they have all of them. Yes, all of them!

They have all the characters, and alternate costumes, in faithful retrospect to the show. As seen above, my man Toshiro is sporting that suit and rose. He’s pretty much my strongest party member right now. And they’re all unique, in attack, spec, and animation. Gintama will come in on his scooter, and Kagura will come floating down with her umbrella.

As it is, I’m low leveled right now, and the challenge hasn’t hit yet, so for tight now I’m focusing on memorizing the screens. I’m hoping they localize it eventually. I believe it’s going to take more than one guy wanting it to get anywhere, which is my hidden agenda for writing this post. I used the Qooapp to download it, which is handy in finding a load of other great non-localized games. (Psst, there’s a My Hero game coming out very soon!)

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