Newly Married, Trade Job, and Lonely Wives

Warning, this is going to be a terrible post.

I feel the need to write, and yet nothing fancy comes to mind. No list, no story, no game review, or any of my usual shenanigans.

But there’s a burning desire deep inside me that’s telling me I need to keep writing. It could also be to quell the boredom.

For the past four months, I’ve been an electrician’s apprentice. It pays nice, better than being a delivery guy, and I needed to money for my new married life.

It’s been traveling across the country, working through nights, staying at a new hotel every week, and learning something new everyday.

But everyday I had to hear from a new wife how she was lonely. And from her point of view, she was. Her family lived a day away, and her friends either moved on from college, or were busy with life of their own. All she had, was a puppy.

Isn’t she just the cutest?

Her name is Kora!

Well in four months, ten week old Kora has evolved…

She’s a pointer\hound mix. She doesn’t bark, she hardly sheds anymore, she always wants to play, always ready to go, and she can jump.


So energetic she is, and my darling wife just isn’t used to a dog so hyper.

And that’s the season she is in, my wife that is. A lot of new things; husband, job, animal responsibility, the works. It’s like the game of Life started and she hit the Hard difficulty.

Needless to say, it’s been tough. And there hasn’t been !any checkpoints or extra lives.

So while I’m traveling to Arkansas to Alabama, she’s trying to figure out how to manage a puppy while planning for the next week of class.

Well we’re finally getting a breakthrough. I decided to let go of breadwinning, let her have that, and she wants me to pursue what will make me happy. In the meantime I’ll be home, I can see her more than two days out of the week, and some household responsibility can come off her shoulder so she can focus on getting better at this new life.

But not everyone can make that decision. A lot of husband’s can’t rely on their wife’s paycheck so they can stay home and maybe pursue something they truly want to do. I’m at a very blessed spot in life.

There’s a huge system of electrician’s, data installers, constructors, plumbers, all working insane hours, traveling to mutliple states in one week for forty hours, and not seeing their wives or children for many days.

And I’m here to say, life is strange.

I would not recommend getting a trade job is you’re newly married and looking for more money, unless your wife can handle it, and the marriage can handle it.

If you’re having trouble, and leaving isn’t an option, then maybe some advice I received can help you:

1.) Meeting your wife’s needs also means providing food and shelter.

2.) It’s your sacrifice also.

3.) Remind your wife you miss her, and can’t wait to see her. Don’t let her assume you love the job more than her. Even well minded women can believe that.

4.) Never love your job more than your wife.

5.) Don’t do so many new things at once.

Trade jobs aren’t evil. They are the backbone of this great nation, and without them, a lot of people wouldn’t be blogging, or vlogging as frequently as we would like. If you’re looking for adventure, and being a part of something great, and wondering what it was like to be a privateer back in the days of pirates, then become part of a trade. Especially if you’re young and have no other experience and want money. You’d be amazed what they’ll let you do, what you can do, and where you’ll go.

Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush! And a couple bright green shirts.

Okay my rant is over.

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