Working Title Short Story

*** Hello there again! Soooooo Ive been sitting on an idea and my fingers felt enough strength to tap it into my phone, and the rest ofnthe pieces for this idea have emerged. So here goes nothing. Heres the first installment to… my new idea!***

In an apartment, above a pawn shop, there lived a man given immortality.

His name was Zaiden, older- around the age of fifty-five- but quite chiseled, save for his well-fed stomach.

He spent much of his days sitting on his couch, watching television. From time to time, he would check the city from the bedroom window. It was the only apartment window. Afterward, Zaiden would gaze over the newspaper clipping framed and hung next to a key to the city, a trophy, and a medal. If it called for it, the dust or cobwebs would be brushed away.

They were given to him as gifts for saving the world. The city of Newshire was under a great calamity. The race of foreign tail wearing invaders nearly overtook the country. In a battle that lasted for years, and bullets and bodies covered every battlefield, Zaiden appeared, and stopped the fighting, by averting a nuclear warhead with his bare hands. He then spoke words that touched every heart there, though no one to this day can remember what he said.

If they’re alive that is.

Newshire now is home millions both human and viscidus, leaders, tradesmen, the common man, they live among humans, in a precarious blend. According to the rules when peace talks came to be the gummy-like aliens would abandon their guns and missiles, and the humans would stop teaching the ways of the trained eye and hand, otherwise known as Magashin.

So now Zaiden, master Magashinist, sits in his house, long forgotten in history. The new generation has come along, having lived their entire lives together. And for the most part, a peace which no one imagined possible thrives in Newshire.

And as long as Zaiden stays under house arrest, a meteor will not come and destroy the planet.

*** So like web comics, I figure this can be plugged in little story shots, ones you can read on the toilet. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next page!***

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