Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Review

Okay, not a lot of time before work, but I don’t want to have missed a day of writing. The shenanigans are strongly afoot. But I’ve had a little time to divulge in a great game remade for a handheld system.

This game had a masterpiece worthy gameplay. A haunted house with ghosts who all used to be something, a big baddie you yourself find partway, a freak lightning storm to undo all the light/progress you made, Boolossus, a new game +, and a ghost vacuum mechanic. Everything about Luigi’s Mansion, aside from length, and freedom of choice, makes it such a memorable experience for the ages. The GameCube thrived thanks to this, and other titles.

And now it’s for the 3DS!!!

With a few graphic tweaks, and some elements thrown in from the sequel, now is a great time to get a 3ds, or 2ds, and grab another copy, But if you have your old one, don’t worry.



Get one.


Multi. Player.


NOW you and your buddies can relive a great night of horror and adventure together at the same time!! Woooohooooo!!!

There’s also achievements and time challenges to sharpen your skills and truly show those non-speedrunning wanna be’s who’s the king of the house.


Luigi’s Mansion.

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