Working Title Short Story 2

There was a knock at the front door.

Raiden leisurely passed through his living room and into the hallway where the noise came from. Opening the door he found a young man with a clean hair cut, and a uniform.

“Good morning, Mr. Raiden.” said the officer with a smile. He couldn’t have been thirty, but definitely wasn’t around eighteen. There was a strong jaw, a wrinkle around each eye, and a badge representing five years committed to law enforcement. There was another badge with a name, Anders.

“Ah, good morning, Charlie, come to take me grocery shopping?” Raiden expected, as the day was Wednesday.

“As per the usual, sir. You ready to go?”

“Couldn’t be happier to leave. The TV was showing reruns today.”

“They always show reruns Mr. Raiden.”

The young man knelt down and tapped a stick to Raiden’s ankle. What he touched was a black band wrapped securely, with a red lit turning green.

“Alright, that gives us two hours. We better get a move on.”

“What’s the rush? It’s not senior’s day, and it’s one a clock in the afternoon! The store will mostly be dead. And besides, I’m in no hurry to get back.”

“Yeah I know. This whole thing sucks. But I could get in some serious trouble if I don’t get you back in time.”

Raiden grumbled but followed behind the officer to his vehicle. They reached the sidewalk that stretched through a large urban area. Apartments of moderate upkeep crammed each side of the street. The busy traffic was light on this end, nothing but commercial trucks, residents, and the milk man drove through here. And with it being so close to the highway it was amazing it wasn’t busier.

The only problem was the crime rate of the area.

As they reached the car, some shouting erupted from the building beside them. A couple of Vicsius came slamming the door open and jumping into the open road. Another one came out, but was scared, and frantic. It was a male Vicsius of natural human size. He spotted the cop and urgently requested to stop the two that just left.

Charlie readied his hands then looked toward the street. The couple of hooligans causing a ruckus were staring back at him, not seeming afraid. Charlie moved closer onto the street, and as he was in total view, they raised their hands.

“Hold it right there, rat!” They shouted. In their hands were pistols, simple and functional, and pointed directly at Officer Anders.

“One more step and you’re full of lead. So beat it!” they screamed.

But the officer did not move. Instead, he poised is hands in front of him, bent his knees, and straightened his back. Raiden raised his eyebrows.

“Those are illegal weapons you have in your possession. That is grounds for arrest, whether you fire them or not. Drop them, and put your hands where I can see them!”

“Or else, what? Use your human psychic powers to stop us? Those are illegal too you know!”

“The law respects the use of my power in only cases where firearms are a threat. So if you two are done talk, please do what I say and don’t make this ugly. I hate ugly.”

“We hate ugly too, your ugly face! Die!” A shot was fired, and Charlie slid back, and fell to the ground. The two Viscius were surprised by his fall. They didn’t expect it to happen. But they were pleased that he wasn’t trying to stop them anymore. Raiden stared at Charlie quizzically.

They turned around and walked away, placing the guns in their pockets. The other male Viscius from the apartment gaped in awe.

“…You guys should always make sure your target is dead.” They heard from behind them. Upon looking they noticed the officer getting back up on his feet. Astonished they attempted to reach for their pistols again.

“The impact wasn’t what I expected, but I’m still getting the hang of my powers.” Charlie said, holding a bullet between his fingers.

The two gun wielders were now quivering. But their fear soon turned to frustration.

“We’re not gonna let you take us in! Viscius run this town, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Even if you take us to jail, we’ll get out real quick.”

“I’m glad to hear that. That means I get to arrest you again!” Charlie tossed the bullet away, then motioned for them to attack.

“Are you serious? Arrest us again? What does that mean?”

“Well, if I arrest you again, then my count goes up. Making so many arrests grants me good fortune for promotion.”

“Is that right? Well let’s see if a head full of bullets is worth a promotion!” At that instant, they fired of every round in their clips. Every bullet that was sent to Officer Anders went directly into his hand.

The Viscius dropped their guns, they were astonished that two full clips were emptied and not a single one hit their enemy. Charlie on the other hand held a handful of them, and let each one band on the asphalt. They were taking steps back, and their hands trembled.

“Running wouldn’t be a good idea, fellas. I’m pretty fast for a human. And last I checked Viscius weren’t made for running.” Charlie said, breathing steadily.

“You think you’re so smug. And that you have us beaten. But you didn’t see this coming!” One of them withdrew a large, elongated gun from under his long coat. He quickly looked down the scope, and took the shot. Charlie stared wide eyed, forgetting to put his hands up. He hoped falling back would be fast enough, but the bullet had traveled too far.

As the officer fell down, he stared in bewilderment of an older man’s hand extended out, holding a sniper bullet.

“A sniper rifle is a dangerous tool. If a wise man carries it, he’s invisible. But if a fool carries it, the rifle is wasted. You boys have no idea of the weight of that weapon you’re holding.”

“Who’s the old guy?” said one Viscius to the other.

“I’m not sure, or what he’s talking about.”

“We don’t need to know it’s weight, only that it can kill our enemies!”

Raiden smirked, “Don’t you think there has been enough killing between our people?”

“Not as long as we’re oppressed! We’ll take over these streets, this city, this county, and then the world!”

“And then what?”

The two were silent.

Raiden continued, “Then what? There’s other forms of life besides humans. What happens when you come up against something your bullets can’t touch? They’ll only beat you and oppress you once again.”

“That will never happen!”

“Oh, but it will. Scientists now are making synthetic life forms with metal bodies. Bullets won’t affect them. So then what?”

“We, uh…”

“If you want to stop oppression you should stop trying to become like your enemies. Hatred is a nasty business. It only makes more hate.”

Raidens words echoed for a second.

“What are your names?” he asked.

“I’m Tocka.” said the one on the left, with a yellow body.
“I’m Richter.” said the one on the right, he had a red body.

“You two seem quite brave. You are also very capable of doing great things.”

“What? how would you know, old man?” Richter replied.

“Well, you almost killed this innocent officer, and can handle your weapons quite skillfully and make quick decisions. Those are valuable talents.”

“Is there point you’re getting to? You’re wasting our time, and we’ll shoot you if we find out you’re stalling for time!” Tocka shouted.

“Just shoot him now, before the boss gets angry we’re gone any longer.” said his red cohort.

Tocka raised the gun, but before he could take aim, the grip fell away. He reached for the barrel, the scope, the stock, or anything that wasn’t falling to the ground. The angry Viscius looked up from the mess of parts on the street to the old man holding a pulsing hand toward him.

“What did you do!?” Tocka raised his voice, “That cost us a fortune!”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want any more bullets being fired around. There are so many people who could get hurt.”

Tocka and Richter looked around and noticed something peculiar. The entire neighborhood had come out to notice them, nearly all of them Viscius. The two hadn’t noticed their presence.

“You destroyed the gun because of these people?”

“That’s right.” Raiden replied.

“You almost hurt your own kind,” Charlie chimed in, “That’s what your idea of erasing oppression gets you. It could have gone much worse.”

“Tocka, is that you?” a Viscius stepped out of the crowds, looking worried. It was a female, with yellow skin, and human clothing.

“Hey dude, it’s your-”

“Shut up Rich…”

She approached Tocka, and examined his shoulder.

“You are apart of that gang! Why, Tocka?” she said with a frown.

“It’s none of your business!” he growled.

She slapped his face, the shock was more than the hit itself. He was about to shout when the sight of tears stopped everything.
“Your family is worried about you! Come home now, honey, your kids want their daddy home.”

Tocka was silent. He and his partner were now under a realization that their actions had an impact. Everyone who stared at them knew who they were. They knew the neighborhood as well; this was their home.

“Why would you guys steal from your uncle?”

“We had no choice…” Richter said, hanging his head low.

“The boss wants each weapon he can find, he’s going to start an uprising midtown.” Tocka replied.

“We weren’t going to start any trouble until the officer jumped in.”

“That doesn’t matter!” Tocka’s wife said, “Stealing from your family, and being a part of that evil man’s gang is wrong, what made you think it was such a good idea?”

“Because our jobs suck!” Richter shouted, “Because humans in charge are still making things a living nightmare for us, while they still live in luxury!”

“You two are idiots!” his uncle replied, stepping out of the crowd, “You have no idea what you’re saying. That gang lord has filled your heads with nonsense so you don’t know the truth. The truth is EVERYONE is on hard times around here. Right now, the only thing making it harder is the crime going on; stealing, vandalizing, and the murdering, even our own kind! The old human man is right, this hatred is going nowhere and it has to stop!”

“It’s not that easy! If Susooma hears that we want to leave, he’ll kill us! He may already know now!” Richter said in a loud and soft voice.

“You just leave him to me.” Charlie said in a nonchalant manner, “If you guys really want something done, then come with me. You won’t be in trouble, if your uncle refuses to press charges. And with your word and knowledge, we’ll take down Susooma the right way.”

The two shifted their feet, feeling hesitant to answer. Everyone around them was encouraging them to take his offer, but they knew the cost of betrayal. They were unsure of the price.

Raiden walked up to them, kneeling down at the pieces of the once rifle. He took the pieces in his hand and began connecting them.

“Remember this, you two. A trigger is just a piece of metal by itself. But when it’s been placed where it’s supposed to go, it become the most important. You may not see it now; that’s because you’re just a piece of metal. And you have two places where you decide to be the trigger. Do you want to cause devastation, or do you want to change history? If you want an old man’s opinion…”

Raiden held a fully completed rifle in his hands, and passed it along to Tocka.

“The latter makes you more popular with the ladies.” he winked, and then stepped away towards Charlie.

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