I see what you did there Toby… Undertale, switch those letters around and you get Deltarune.


Yesterday, a diamond was found in the rough.

Don’t be staggered by anything else, it is official, this comes from the download off of Tobyfox’s Twitter page itself. Undertale 2, actually called Delta Rune, a prequel/sequel like game, is here, in it’s demo capacity.



Just finished playing after a few hours of going through the entire demo experience. And I have to say, WOW! What a way to bring Undertale back! The mastermind behind it all  still has it; story, characters, details, humor, and world building really make me want to keep playing this demo over and over again.

The feeling that this game is going to be bigger than its predecessor is real. With turn based strategy, more characters, and in field challenges, THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO MAKE A SEQUEL.

Well done Mr. Fox sir, you have truly taken a step into the right direction.


I am hyped for this new project, Deltarune. And if he wants to make a Kickstarter for it, I’ll be there with my empty wallet in hand.

P.S. Don’t worry about going back to the original game and reinserting the name Kris as your character, it won’t do anything. I checked, believe me.

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