Upcoming Kickstarter Gems: Unspoken Chronicles: Nora

French game studios have a tremendous ability. Their video games transcend the standard of fantasy. I mean, look at games like Rayman and Wakfu. When you imagine how they look, you remember creatures that can be described as, “from the deepest depths of the imagination”.

But that’s just my opinion. Those two games in particular bring something unique, in those most pure sense of the word.

So let’s look at another upcoming game that is sure to please your eyes, and provide a challenge for gamers of all levels. Coming from a studio called Howly Games I give you, Unspoken Chronicles: Nora. It has a catchy name to it, but a catchy name is just the tip of the iceberg. This in-production game has a lot to look at, and boasts a lot to offer.

Let’s take a look.


From the initial look, the colors, art style, and game play look promising. But if this gif was the only thing to go on, you wouldn’t think much of it. I mean, a forest level with a girl running through it looks almost typical at this point in the indie age of games.

But before you place down too much judgment, know that this is only the beginning.

There’s a whole onslaught of images to look at on their Kickstarter page that will pique your interest to it’s highest level. There are vastly colorful lands to explore, bosses to encounter that give you that Rayman: Legends feel, and puzzle solving of intriguing quality.

The setting is a mixture of spear and gun, which is always a hard balance to strike when writing fantasy, but it’s mixed in a humongous Viking/Norse setting. There are Guardians that look over the lands. With that you have a plot that takes place using Viking culture.

The story goes every Viking proves its worth in battle by being mighty, brave, and strong, and dying valiantly, heading to Valhalla as your reward.

But for Nora, a different story will unfold. All thanks to how she is, which is exactly the opposite of her people. Small. Agile. Coward. These are our heroine. She’s such a coward she runs from combat training, just to get caught up in a raid. The raid is against one of the Guardians.

And yeah, it goes bad.

If you felt a smidgen of irony in her unfortunate escapades, and maybe smirked, great! Because according to the creators, this game promises “…and epic and funny journey.”

And that’s not all! Nora is tasked to explore the Nine Realms and defeat the Gaurdians so she can prove herself worthy. She is accompanied by the almighty spear Gungnir.

If you ask me, that sounds mightier than just going to battle. But hey I’m no Viking, I’m just Welsh…

As well as a cavalcade of colorful and magical characters along the way, this game has a HUGE amount of promise!

But here’s the unfortunate truth: the Kickstarter has around 50 hours left in it…

And it’s only 38% toward it’s completion 😦 😦 😦

After talking to Howly Games, they were also sad that their completion hadn’t been reached.


They are quite optimistic and haven’t lost faith that a miracle can happen. But even if they don’t reach it, they’re going to try again in a few months. The game has an expected date of October of 2019.


There are some amazing Kickstarter rewards for the various levels of pledges. Anywhere from wallpapers with the game, Lithographies, a plushie, t-shirts, art book, and more.

It’s hard to say, “Give money! Give money!” for me. But, I can say that in my twenty-years of playing platformers, I feel that I can safely notice a good game when I see one.

Unspoken Chronicles looks like a great platformer game for our consoles. And I’m investing in its future. You should too! Tell your friends, and tell you favorite YouTube gamers!

Kickstarter page:

Howly Games website:

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