Upcoming Games to Play: Omno

Let me take you back for a second.


Remember when our adventure games gave us a vehicle to use, or a bike, or board to play with? Sometimes we would stop playing the main part because the mechanics of vehicles or hover-boards were so much fun!

It’s difficult manufacturing various elements to really give a player a true adventure, and very few are remembered for hitting the mark they boast. And sometimes a miracle happens. And then SOMETIMES a glorious mechanic arises from the dump of a terrible game.

Today, there is no dump of a game to speak of. Instead, the eyes of the future are upon Jonas Manke, and his upcoming game, Omno. But Omno is not just a vehicle riding game. It’s much more than that.

Much like Journey, Omno has vast amounts of regions with gorgeous visuals and a ton of locations inside to visit using every power at your disposal. Which brings me to…


The wand of this little guy has a lot of utility to it! The fluidity looks simply amazing!

But unlike the aforementioned, there’s what looks to be much more to do! And traveling around a land with the Unreal Engine backing the system, means there’s some punch to how we can get around and explore a vast landscape.

That has much more promise than Yooka-Laylee!

The beauty of Omno has many elements that make it look great. But what might possibly be the greatest aspect is its creation was done by one developer. Only two years, and in the dead of night after his job, he worked tirelessly to bring this magnificent prospective to us. And his hard work paid off because the game is fully funded!!!


That means not only are we surely getting this game, but that we also have exciting content to see as part of bonus Kickstarter content. Extra skins, and extra colors for the familiar, Fauna, that follows us, and who knows what else!

I am a personal fan of someone who spends their spare time working on their passions and dreams. It’s inspiring when they succeed, and Jonas Manke is next for individual artists to rise in notoriety.

Now here we stand with the final steps. We’re not sure entirely what the little guy is all about, except that he must unlock secrets of ancient technology. But we didn’t need anything else from Shadow of the Colossus, or the Dark Souls series, to enjoy it. The power of telling a story through game play, scenery, and devices is a unique gift and challenge. Will we see that kind of art in Omno? I’m unsure at the time. There may be a grand story on its way, with a larger than life plot. Time will tell. With a scheduled fall release for 2019, the wait is a little longer, but that’s plenty of time for fine tuning, last minute implementation, and special touches.

I’m looking forward to the game, and I will happily add it to my Steam library and enjoy some sweet wand boarding!


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