Up and Coming: Hazelnut Bastille


Keeping it Real
…in Hazelnut Bastille

Grab your inventory bags, slip on some quick boots, and find your best headphones, because another great indie title is here to join the ranks of legend.

Today we’re going to take a look at Hazelnut Bastille.

It’s inspired by Zelda!

Yes, there it is, now the obvious has been spoken. And it’s not a bad thing, if it wasn’t Zelda it would have been something else, and we would be making other games in it likeness. And as far as icons go, Zelda is truly a great game to model.

With that said, we’re not looking at a plagiarized knock-off. We’re actually about to delve into a successor, and possibly the next Zelda Hazelnut to carry on the torch of inspiration.

There is an adult sized wallet of homage that’s been sacrificed into the project, way more than what a regular elf-boy’s wallet can hold!

First of all let’s take a look at the graphics, and the enemy styles. They’re practically ripped from the early 90s.


From the hearts, to the items equipped, the flow of water, shadows of higher landscapes, and the text boxes themselves, Aloft Studios did their research, to deliver a game that not only mimics the 16-bit era style, but IS the 16-bit style.

In speaking of style it wouldn’t be complete with the music. Aloft is super proud and honored to have brought a legend, Hiroki Kikuta, to assist them in composing a few tracks. His work can be found in games like Secret of Mana, Soul Calibur V, and my personal favorite Shining Hearts.

But of course their roster of musicians bringing magic to the land of Hazelnut wouldn’t be complete without their other composer Shannon Mason. You can check out her work on YouTube, she has a playlist with some really high-energy songs like, “Firelands Planet” and “Main Menu”

What I love the most about this game is their item system, and their crafting and bartering mechanic. Enemies drop stuff. Stuff is also found everywhere. And the dwellers of this lost land don’t have a currency. They only deal in items for other items. That makes me really happy, not having to worry about a currency, and for once thinking about the challenge of saving a potent healing item for an item that could change the way I play the game.



Also, Devil Fruit? Me thinks Gum Gum powers might be in store! XD

… (cricket chirping)

As of right now we can expect the game to be released on every type of PC, and the Switch! Thanks to exceeding their goal, players will have a couple of extra content patches to play with.

As if we would need extra content to keep us busy, Aloft has made numerous lands for this young woman to explore. That’s right, young woman, her name presumably is not Hazelnut.

We can expect a lot from Aloft, for Hazelnut and the future. When I spoke with them, they were happy to tell me of some other projects in their plan that also will be in the retro style.

I think you will see other Retro-styled games from us in the future, especially 8bit, which I am also quite fond of. We have two other major projects which you will get see from us as well: Sticks And Starships is an Engineering and Systems Management game in a voxel environment!  -Aloft


If you’re not hyped yet, go look at their Kickstarter page. You’ll see just how they know what they’re talking about. I learned a few things about graphics and music just reading myself when preparing this entry. The demo can be played right now, and you may want to get it because there’s a place you won’t see in the final game!

So there you go! Hazelnut Bastille. It’s shaping up to be the next Shovel Knight.

…But it’s definitely going to be better than Super Meat Boy.

Kickstarter Page:

Hazelnut on Steam:

Shannon Mason:


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