Up and Coming Games: Onirism

Gimme back ma’ Teddy!

Do you remember Hat in Time? It was cool, remember? Well, the little girl grew up! And some shadow enemy stole her teddy bear. Apparently she also lost her hat, so she’s no longer called Hat Girl. Today we’re taking a look at Onirism, made by Crimson Tales.

oni 3

The game demo starts off quick, which is great. I could get a good feel for the controls right away, and the tips for controls didn’t break me from playing. Although I played with a controller, the inputs were for the keyboard, but I figured it out easily. The interactive environment was fun to play with, finding vases and crates to smash for currency. The music delighted me, it was refreshing as I took my walk through the woods.

I soon found a sign with three directions: Village, Temple, and Volcano. I was thinking, cool, quite a bit to do for this demo, it should be a quick but filling experience.

Sadly, I was thinking it would stop at the village, but to be honest I’m still trying to figure out where it ends.

After I went on my way, I found my first gun.oni 2

And then I found the main fighting mechanic of the game. And it is deeply fleshed out already in the demo.

For the demo I found a smorgasbord of guns to utilize against the various frog/lizard/amphibian enemies, hogs, and some freakin’ annoying wind-up toy animal that comes out of nowhere, EVERYTIME!

So I saved someone in front of the locked Village and they told me the key is in the temple. The girl was in no mood to get it, except the villager convinced her that the person who took her teddy went through the village and into the volcano (he wasn’t wrong).

So I went in through the temple, finding some new guns like the elven lance, and the great big boomstick which were hidden behind challenges and upgrades.

And so I went into the temple…

And I got lost in the temple.

And I learned a lot about the game during that time.

1.) The enemies will follow you if you try and run past them.
2.) They’re really good shots when you try running.
3.) When they gang up on you, you’re as good as dead.
4.) Checkpoints are fairly placed. So… progress can be lost. I ended up retrieving the Elven Lance like three times before finding the way to go, AND finding a new checkpoint.
5.) The Elven Lance is cool, but there are other guns, and it’s not effective enough.
6.) The Rocket Launcher though!

The game also has bonus rounds that you can find hidden throughout the world. Be prepared for a challenge though. This game doesn’t hold your hand.

I will say that I am pleased with the Crash Bandicoot style level in the volcano, although I think the jumping mechanic needs to be fixed, because I died a lot…

Actually I died from slipping off the ledge quite a few times everywhere, especially in the Volcano, which by the way is a little more straightforward than the temple.

Going back to the temple, the very bottom held the first boss battle.

oni 14

It was’t as simple as shooting it, you had to wait for the weakpoint to be revealed. However, her attacks were tough. I died again and again from the poisonous gas.

You know what though? I found an easier time smashing her with my umbrella!

And that black widow fell, baby!

After climbing back out in a rush, the exit led me to the key!

I went into the Village, found nearly every gun available, had no money, and proceeded to the Volcano.

The Volcano is hard.

I’m stuck in a large room with three waves of enemies, and I run out of ammo at the last wave every time. There’s a default pink rechargeable gun that is available at all times, but the damage is minuscule. I got reeeeeal close to finishing when some lava beast killed me from off camera.

The Kickstarter Side

oni 18

There’s a lot the developers want to do with the game. Tons of costumes, more guns, enemies, levels, ports, and merchandise. There’s a candy kingdom with a Prince Blueberry, if reached, will be another playthrough option character. You can even play as the teddy thief herself if they raise it enough, but it can only happen if they raise the money.

The game itself has a beautiful amount of polish already included. Aside from control issues, and some lag problems, there’s a lot here.

There’s a lot of Alice in Wonderland, Skylar and Plux, elements, which is great since EA took that away from me… But if you’re a fan of that gameplay, then you’re going to love this.

You can play the demo now and see what I mean about the Volcano being difficult, now!


Kickstarter site:

Game Download page:


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