Top 5 Levels of Crash Team Racing… That I Can’t Wait to See.

Rev up the remastered engines!

We wanted it, and it’s happening! Who knew all we had to do to was scream loud enough, and our favorite games would come back?




So as we wait for our chance at power sliding across the beach, and hurling rockets at N. Gin, I thought it would be fun to try and make one of those top 5 lists. Here are the top five levels I can’t wait  to see remastered.

5. Roo’s Tubes


A picture is worth a thousand words! But a three lap course through water and TNT crates is worth twenty years of nostalgia. This level has those amazing moments where you’re completely underneath water with only glass between you and the depths. Instead of some high-money scientists’ home, it’s the track to the first boss racer, Ripper Roo, who will be launching TNT crates out if he is ahead. Remember to hop to shake them off, in case you forgot.

Also don’t forget the shortcut through the bones near the end of the finish line. The terrain will slow the car down but if there’s an accelerating item in the inventory, then those last few seconds may be what defines the race.

4. Tiny Arena


Despite the name, just like the Tiger, it is anything but. This track gives a feel that an audience is watching, and the competition to save the earth actually has attracted attention, and we’re not just doing this in some blind journey that goes unappreciated, or overlooked. At the very least, it’s exciting and fun to watch, so some spectators are getting some enjoyment out of the suffering anthropomorphic critters getting hit with bowling bombs.

I love the inclusion of the dirt bike style jumps, the mud pits, and most importantly the atmosphere. And according to the new released screenshots of the trailer, the outer aesthetics include giant Tiny statues, a blimp, and what looks like a dome encompassing the whole track. Sure these things might have been in the last game, but PS1 graphics always left much to be desired.

3. Cortex Castle


There’s no question, one of the coolest callbacks to the first game, with homages like the spiders you jumped on in between dark pits, scaling the side of castle walls, and moving in and around tight turns with stained glassed windows was Cortex Castle. The drawbridge leap, and the giant stairs leading down to the finish line were always making this particular track a treat. You had to be careful, in this later-in-the-game track it was hard to see what was coming next.

And if that wasn’t enough, one of the subtle yet hardest shortcuts to pull off is in this level. If you have an accelerator, or maxed out power sliding to the max at the right time, you just may skip a long spiraling turn around the building and skip straight onward. But the ledge for the shortcut is far and steep.

2. Hot Air Skyway


Who doesn’t want to wait to see Hot Air Skyway!?

Sharp turns, huge jumps, intimate track size, and Pinstripe Portoroo lobbing bowling bombs!

I don’t even really know what kind of style the track is supposed to be! Like, is it some weird hot air balloon texture?

When Spyro was released and I made it to the Beast Maker Homeworld, the amoun of detail in the background that no could touch blew me away. Just the inclusion of trees, bog effects, marsh motif, instead of fog was amazing! Truly inspiring and made the world feel more real.

Now how about that amount of care for Hot Air Skyway? How about multiple blimps in the sky, or a blimp warfare going on? Maybe even some biplanes from the Crash trilogy, along with fireworks, confetti, and those rings from the last plane mission in Crash 3?

No, I don’t know why they would be there, but it would make the track look amazing! Giving us the impression that we might be able to go there, is what games were about. And bringing that magic back can make young imaginations dream again.

…Sorry, got off the rails there.

1. Oxide Station

Everything. Everything about this level I simply must have. In fact, if at all, maybe save this level and don’t show anyone until they make it themselves. This is the best final level in any racing game I’ve ever played. To me it’s better than any rainbow Mario could cross. For one thing it’s not nearly as frustrating. For another reason, it’s in space!

Oxide brings this huuuuuge map full of winding turns, gargantuan leaps over the track itself, one false rocket will have you in last place, zero-gravity jumping in one section, and my personal favorite, the biggest sizeable jump in the entire game that plummets down below the ENTIRE COURSE! And if that wasn’t enough, when we race the big alien himself, he’ll throw every manner of weapon at us, while trying to master this track. It’s gonna be a great undertaking, but the most fun when we cross that finish line in first place!

So that’s my list. All of the other courses will be fun, and cool, maybe even change my mind, but I’m still excited to see what else they bring. After all I saw that slight teaser they threw in of Crash riding multiple carts through almost every cart game ever made. What else will this game bring? Will it bring all the courses from Nitro Kart and Tag Team Racing? Will we finally get to play as Nitros Oxide? Will there be a remastering of the other big boss (name escapes me)?

Will we see Penta Penguin again???

We can only wait and see.

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