Final Fantasy 15 in Kingdom Hearts 4 (and more)

There’s a bit of theorizing as to where our heroes have ended up in the secret ending for Kingdom Hearts 3. Some think it’s the real world, while others think more final fantasy worlds or more square enix worlds. Well I think those last people are on the right track. Let’s take a look at the pictures.

So, right away we see a massive hint for Sora, the good ol’ building of 104, famous for being a clothing hotspot in the game, The World Ends With You. Back in the 3DS installment, Dream Drop Distance, we got to hang out with Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, and Joshua in Traverse Town. That town, settled between the light and the dark realm, house creatures whose worlds are lost. Therefore, we already have been introduced to the characters, so the move to a Shibuya world may be an excellent transition.

Which can open up a lot of possible new worlds. Bringing me to my next world, the world Riku is in. And yes, I believe it’s a different world than Shibuya. If you go back and look at the building, it’s a very close model to another place in the final fantasy franchise…

This is the Insomnia Citadel, home to our hero Noctis Lucis Caelum. A Final Fantasy 15 world may be in our next installment, perhaps even in the future of Kingdom Hearts games. But let’s go deeper into thinking, how were past final fantasy characters introduced? Normally, in original hub worlds. But for some like, Cloud, Auron, and Zack, they were integrated into a Disney world. So why not have it flipped around? Let’s see what happens when Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planets world is destroyed and he ends up in Insomnia, or Milo from Atlantis, or, heck, even Kuzco from Emporers New Groove manages to get lost, but then found in Shibuya.

I’m sure they won’t go crazy with this idea, though. So I’m not expecting a horrible ratio of Disney to FF, but this series has a huge amount of potential if they keep the story straight. If they do, we can see Midgar, I mean the remake is close at hand.

In fact all the game are getting ports to the Switch, so with those game fresh on their minds, who knows what this new KH formula holds? It’s an exciting prospect to theorize!

So if you enjoyed this article, let me know, if you spot errors or don’t agree, or see something I can improve on, tell me about somewhere on the internet, I’m just about everywhere.

See ya.

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