Fire Fighting Shenanigans

(Feb 27) The shenanigans are highly afoot this week. Before I get into trouble, here’s the original article I found for my post today:

Okay, my turn! I just finished looking at Florida, and now from the East coast to the West coast, we see another moment of pure Chronic Shenanigan Sickness. This car becomes the walking billboard for illegal parking consequences. The person owning the car will look to be facing fees and citations.

Sucks to be that person! I can only imagine how this could be: You’re coming over to a friends house for an important visit… Or you live there, and some newcomer comes into town for your neighbor, and you think, “what could be the harm for one night?’

On the other hand, can you imagine being a new firefighter on that day?
Chief: “Get this hose to the fire hydrant!”
You: “Sir, there’s a car in front of it!”
*Chief looks at car* “Smash the windows.”
You: “You want me to what!?”
Chief: We don’t have time to discuss this; he’s parking illegal, we need water, smash ’em up!”
You: “Yessir, you’re the boss!”

This is the second post in a row I’ve just noticed where a car was a major part of the news. Both results ended in getting into them. Wow, the world is so small. And yet… the shenanigans brings us all together.

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