Museum Shenanigans

Cincinnatti, Ohio is known for being super supportive for the arts. Wood carving, sculpting, painting, the works. Lots of people flock to become known, and to know the bright and beautiful.

Having been there twice now, The Cincinnatti Art Museum is home to three stories of famous art pieces.

I. Love. Going there. I get so inspired by looking at the paintings and seeing peoples and culture from long ago, and not so long ago. The sculptures are always a thrill to look at. It’s unbelievable how one person can perfectly mirror a real person out of rock.

So this will be a short post, because it’s going to contain some poor images from my phone’s camera. I hope you enjoy them!

As a short notice I want to say these are the ones I found inspiring for me, so they may not have an effect on you. I highly encourage you to go look through their halls if you can afford the trip. And if you’re in the area and haven’t gone… What’s wrong with you?

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