Anticipation for New Games

Yooka Laylee: The Impossible Lair

This. I thought the first game was okay, what with its massive empty map flaws, but great characters and return to form. But this is the perfect direction for this series. It looks so natural, so pleasing to the genre it’s a part of, and great for the time. I mean, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze has done well and Kirby Star Allies proves not every next gen jump has to be Breath of the Wild or Odyssey.

I am really looking forward to how they implement the other characters, like Kartos, into this dimensional shift, but I’m expecting a great result. This upcoming game seemingly will take all the potential it missed from its first title, and make Yooka Laylee a permanent name in households.

Are you READY KIDS?????

Because I am! Oh man, how I’ve waited for a new Spongebob game. And I’ll overlook the fact that it’s a remake. Toys for Bob have shown that old can be new again and remakes carry new stuff, like the almost released Crash Team Racing.

This is bound to make a lot of people happy. And create a cry for more Spongebob. And I hope THQNordic listens.

Yeah, you heard us, put down that Darksiders for a second, we need more Spongey… SHENANIGANS!

I was late to this party, but I’m just in time to enjoy a new sequel! I like the possibility that we’ll be exploring the old man’s mind, and exploring the Mother Lobe, on a brand new adventure this 2019.

So there’s a couple games I’m looking forward to. And now you know a little of what’s coming out. What have you seen coming out that you’re excited for? You should tell me!

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