Stop Getting Upset at Microtransactions

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled having microtransactions is a good idea. Change my mind.

What are the arguments I hear from the side that doesn’t like it?

“Kids who are impatient could spend money, and not learn the value of a dollar.”

“Kids could be spending their parents money without consent.”

“It shows how greedy the company is.”

“It takes away the integrity of the game.”

“Gamers will feel the compulsion to play less.”

Here’s another side of the argument that Activision probably takes the side of.


I have a wife, a puppy, and a 40-50 and even sometimes 60 hour job. When I come home, I wanna play a game and relax. Those old games? Their requirements for silly trinkets and extra costumes were absurd, but back in the day when all I had was time, I didn’t think about. And it was a proud mark to bear, since achievements and online flexing didn’t exist yet.

But now if I want Crash to be purple, I don’t have time to play that long to earn it.

Would it be one thing if said purple said made me a better gamer? Gave me an edge, perhaps? Sure! I’ll earn it, then feel good about my enemies seeing my purple kuester in front of them.

But it’s not. It’s just a color swap.

Now Fake Crash, and N. Tropy are nice bragging rights. And they’re still in the game as unlockables; obtainables. So are others. And the adventure mode had a great amount of them.

Theres a great big reason why I’m glad theres a way to earn useless coins, for useless skins. My time is way more precious than my currency.

Almighty Nintendo isn’t even above this. Locking their Mario Run game behind a ten dollar wall, and their rainbow tickets. The entire game is locked behind a big money wall that’s giving Trump a seductive eye.

At least Pokemon Go isn’t that bad, you want coins? WHAT COINS?

You can earn them if you’re good enough to keep your Pokemon in a gym. But that’s an option. An OPTION. Because our parental game figures have many children of huge age differences. Those with time, and those without.

And that’s the crux of my entire point. Time, its precious, and most or us are wasting it. I’m to blame as well at times. Theres no absolute way of spending it, we just have to be careful and figure it out amongst ourselves.

I felt it was worth taking the time to say this. And of you’re right here at this word, thanks for spending yours with me. Maybe it wasn’t a waste, and maybe we can help others be a little wiser.

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