About: The Primo Shenanigan

My greatest passion is learning.

I am also passionate about writing. There are only a few things I don’t write, and that is only because I haven’t had the opportunity to write those few things officially. My other passions include cartooning, singing, playing piano, sketching, and acting.

I also enjoy the story. The story of a person, of a book, of a video game, of a company, of a group, of a country, of a people, I love the story.

And I cannot get enough of people. I love who they are, what they can do, what they are capable of, and seeing them grow.

Finally, my faith. My faith in God, the ultimate author of the Great Story. Without Him, all of my previous passions would not be possible.

We here at Chronic Shenanigan Syndrome Blog are not conspiracy theorists, nor will we ever become one. We simply want to make jokes, and point fingers at weird stuff in a funny and joking light.

We strive not to be insensitive. We hold a strong line between being rude, and helping show that it’s okay to laugh at people’s mistakes and folly’s. Life is short for everyone, thus, we want to help people enjoy things, and help not make everything so serious.

But we still believe that not everything can be explained, and want to hold the belief that mystery can still be a magical experience still in the world. Yes, it’s childish, but we want that.


Johnathan Floyd:
(talesofrediew717@yahoo.com) – Work E-Mail

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