Some Indie Games Look Ugly (really just incomplete)

There I said it.

What is it that I’m playing?

Is it supposed to be cool? I assume that when I see the cover art. It looks like a really cool game, but then when I play it, I’m lied to.

The graphics look bad.

And there’s no excuse. Indie, triple A, no one has an excuse. It’s way into the 2000’s and we’ve had Shovel Knight, Binding of Isaac, Cuphead, Hollow Knight, all come through and bless us with gameplay both challenging and pleasing to the eye.

What’s with the idea of making half decent looking games? We shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks for challenge, the technology and resource for art is out there.

So here’s the games I’m calling out: Hyper Light Drifter, Super Meat Boy, Dead Cells, Celeste, and-these will hurt me personally- Undertale and Hat in Time.

So there, I hurt my own feelings, okay?

But to explain the parenthesis in my title, I don’t think they’re bad games. I just probably won’t play them (anymore than I have to) because my hard earned money is precious, and I want my experience to be fun. And when I say fun, I want to enjoy what I’m looking at.

And just so we don’t misunderstand each other, I don’t think bear looking games mean the best. If you made an actual likeness of Johnny Depp but he handled like a robot at a bad theme park ride, I’m not gonna be impressed.

Don’t sacrifice challenge for looks, and vice versa. Do a good job with both. The market these days for entertainment is a battle royale. I’m trying to make a decent fantasy novel, but the standards are high thanks to years and years of great books and awful books forming the industry.

The same is for video games, and for self publishers- I mean indie companies, the product has to speak for itself and it has to stand out. The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented but we don’t need another Mario clone.

So, with that said, maybe before they put out a game, they should make it look like the art that promotes it, or make art that doesn’t deceive.

Alright, there’s my thoughts. Now, laying before you on a table, with your saw in hand you may do your worst.