Rip Van Runescape- The World Wakes (my thoughts)

The years of 2012 to 2013 were very pivotal for Jagex, as everyone knows. Especially those who have climbed the hill of Old School or RS3 and prepared their coffin, these years are all too familiar. Unfortunately, for myself, college took such a hard turn and my attention was super focused on life. These years went by, and my computer hardly signed on to the main page.

So, imagine I’m like the modern day version of Rip Van Winkle who slept through a massive Runescape revolution, and woke up on the other side looking at a divided fan-base going, “Why? There was just a graphical update, right?” And the chance to catch up has been long lost. Thankfully, a nice video of the last 15 years popped up recently on the Runescape YouTube channel, and I educated myself and am currently picking up the pieces as I go along, to get back into the know.

Buuuuuuuuuuut I’m still working on it.

In the meantime, I get to provide a unique perspective few Runescape veterans have, and even fewer post online.

When I stopped playing, my last achievements were the quests, Mournings End Pt. 2, and Devious Minds. I felt accomplished, and it felt like a good time to take a break. Years later, all of these wonderful new things kept popping up as I kept an eye on the game. I touched the EoC, watched the cutscene of Saradomin and Zamorak fight behind Lumbridge Castle (without knowledge of Guthix’s edicts), and I rode the Hasslehoff, got the crown, saved the town, and MR. KRAAAAAAAABS!

Sorry, got lost…

With a lot of touch and go, I rememeber the last update I wanted to see first hand was the Player Owned Ports, the best thing I think they ever could have made. But alas, my mere account could not enjoy it; the stats were simply too low. So while I enjoyed what I could see, I pushed the game back, went on, yet making sure I didn’t forget to check in on the game every once in a while.

But then my heart returned after heeding the call of some friends. From the PoS, to now, I didn’t keep in touch, so I’ve missed A LOT. I mean, new Asia themed provinces, more epic quests, new ways to level up the skills, new higher tiered weapons and armor, new metals, new costumes, and a whole trove of new dungeons, where was a guy to begin?

Well for me it was easy: begin where I can!

And that was World Wakes. I was barely able to start it. And even though While Guthix Sleeps, or The Ritual of Mahajarrat, were obvious prequels, I didn’t care! I wanted more glorious questing!

Well no one told me the first three enemies could instantly kill you.

And I learned quickly that EoC wasn’t Legacy fighting anymore.

So I took some time to get my way around the new system, learn the attacks, learn the strategies, look up some guides, and I tried again. It was a cinch, but an unknowing testament to the road ahead. Because after that, came a FREAKING GOD DUNGEON BOSS. People get in raids to fight this guy, and he wants a peace of me?

Runescape Kratos says, “Boi?”

After that fight, a harmless hallway descent down, turns into a huge ascent into lore. Many familiar characters appear, and join the story and lines are drawn almost immediately. Per true Jagex form, you have a say in how to proceed in dialogue, and the people you stand with. As well, puzzles and problem solving rely on you, which has been the crux of every hand crafted tale on Gielnor. While the brutish opponents of Guthix try and smash down the door, you cleverly work some puzzles and the door opens for you. Then a huge moment occurs in which a new line, the battle line, is drawn, and the followers true to their god come and attack.

The four major battles in the storage cells were all intense moments. I took advantage of every break to restock food and potions, and calm my nerves before entering again. Running around while rocks fell, keeping ymself secluded to a corner to avoid dangerous attacks, and ignoring small fry in order to attack magic portals was one thing. But the true enemy of that quest… Was Enakhra.

No matter what, the skill of passing a test always comes down to the individual. I had the guides, but they couldn’t beat her for me. I had to use my own skill, and it was a true challenge. To go against your instincts, and let your health drain, and keep it low tried not only your tenacity, but your butt cheeks. Every clenching moment where her health rose, and mine lowered was another bead of sweat down my forehead. Until finally she ran away like a punk!

And after all that, I still had to watch a saddening cutscene, which sets the online rpg game in motion to change ages.

It’s incredible to say the least, Jagex making humongous lore changes on a large multiplayer online game. Companies add content every day, but I’ve never seen such a bold change such as this. I think the Age change was great, adding galaxy levels of content for them making quest stories bigger and better, and adds possibilities for new dungeons like a Saradomin dungeon, and new lands to make. A personal idea of mine is Sky Land, where we’ll see Aviansie make a come back somehow, and we’ll learn how to get around on this new city, like gnome inventions, or winged dingy boats in the clouds? Who knows, maybe Jagex’ll hear me, maybe not.

As for the Evolution of Combat, I think making an Old School server was a good idea in the end. It hurts to see a divided fan-base, because the intentions behind the new RS3 I think are pure and good.

I’m an adult now. And gooooooooooooone are the days as a kid or a teenager. But once I heard that the new RS3 game introduced double XP weekends, and new ways the train skills faster, I was fully supportive. And I still have an account to go back into Old School and play and enjoy when I have that opportunity. The Old School is great on mobile devices and times when I’m waiting around, and I still will pull it up and grind fishing while working.

But I have to say that hardest thing to get used to was separate content. I’m all for it, it gives me a great reason to play both. But I don’t want it to make the division wider. I want both sides to respect each other and the livelihoods that are allowed to enjoy Runescape at any capacity.

So come on, fellow ‘Scapers, we have our corners, so let’s enjoy it all peacefully. There’s enough Saradominists and Zamorakians in the real world fighting because either is on one end of the spectrum than the other. We need to be more like Guthix and maintain a balance for the good of everyone happily, not begrudgingly.

So anyway, what’s this Kourend I keep hearing about?